Dawes @ The Royale 9/22

Dawes' new album is titled Stories Don't End.

Dawes || The Royale || 9/22

Many bands try for that “classic rock” feel. That instrumentation, the vocal style, the lyrics. But many of these bands come across as a cheap imitation of the golden age of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dawes is not one of these imitators or imposters. They are the real deal.

When Dawes camIMG_1401e on, lead singer Taylor Goldsmith said that Boston was the fastest-selling show that they had on this tour. The room was packed with fans. Next to us in the crowd were a couple of women with homemade T-shirts with the phrase “Dawes is Dawesome!” written on them. When the band took the stage and launched into “Things Happen,” the first single off their latest record, All Your Favorite Bands, the crowd was ecstatic. While singing, and playing the guitar Goldsmith would almost act out the lyrics, singing his name during the lyrics, “Like an honest signature on a fake I.D.” We were hooked.

For the first half hour of the show, they mostly played songs from their newest record. “I Can’t Think About It Now,” “Somewhere Along the Way,” and the album closer (and my favorite song on All Your Favorite Bands) “Now That It’s Too Late Maria.” With extended solos on each song, they were even better than the studio versions.

Going in almost backwards chronological order with their career, the next segment consisted of a lot from Stories Don’t End, their 2013 album. “Most People” and “Bear Witness” with extensive solos from the band elicited a huge response from the crowd. And “From the Right Angle” foreshadowed the potential of an audience sing-a-long.

Like all bands with an extensive four-studio-album career, you’ve got to play the old hits. Goldsmith and Co. ripped through great versions of “Time Spent in Los Angelos” and “A Little Bit of EveryIMG_1404thing,” accompanied with a sing-a-long by the crowd. “Peace in the Valley” was by far the most impressive number of the night. It was roughly a 10-minute version of the song from their first studio album, with a solo from each member of the band. Turns out Taylor Goldsmith isn’t just a great lyricist, but can absolutely shred on his guitar. I personally would trade one of my fingers to be able to do anything as well as he plays the guitar.

“Peace in the Valley” wasn’t the only song from North Hills. “When My Time Comes” was played close to the end of the show. Appropriately, Dawes finished off their amazing set with “All Your Favorite Bands.” They mimicked the video for the song that they released a day prior, with Goldsmith leading the audience through the chorus after the rest of the band had left, like the children in the video. I hope that all my favorite bands do stay together, including Dawes, because they are Dawesome.

By Evan Fyre

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