New Music Mondays | 9.19.16

Hey Hooligans!

I hope everyone has had the chance to settle in and start out their semester with a bang! WRBB has a bunch of new team members, some of which have offered songs to share in today’s NMM (New Music Mondays). Check them out below!


“The Industry” – Okkervil River


“Okkervil River is back with their new album, ‘Away,’ and this one track really caught my attention. ‘The Industry’ is Will Sheff’s middle finger to those critics who arbitrarily rank music with meaningless numbers, thereby influencing the way some audiences listen and discover new music. Through his weeping Americana vice, Will Sheff rejects all of that and reminisces the days when more underground artists had a profound impact. Sheff’s acoustic guitar adds feeling behind this track as simple as the message he’s trying to convey, making this an all around great song. Go ahead and give this a 6.8 Pitchfork, I give this song a 10.” – Parker B.


“Back Up” – Clipping feat. ANTWON & Signor Benedick the Moor


“Clipping’s sound moves past their mid-city glitch ridden harsh noise to a more atmospheric, industrial, and deep palette. And the fact that they still keep their signature clipped audio feel while reaching this complexity is what makes this track so amazing to listen to. The subject matter of the verses delivered by the features compliments the dark clubby ‘bricks of impure mdma’ theme. Maybe one day I will not put a rap song on here, but the dazzling audio cascade of this track earns it a spot on this list.” – Ryan G.


“33 ‘GOD'” – Bon Iver


“Bon Iver, not having released new music in nearly five years, has done it again with the release of 33 ‘GOD,’ a new single off of their upcoming album, 22, A Million (said to drop September 30th). A typical mellow keyboard can be heard in the intro of the song, but soon shifts into a brand new electric sound. It seems that frontman Justin Vernon has taken a modernist approach to his new music, and I like it. The scattered voices, intense beats and helium sounding phrases are everything Bon Iver needs to catch attention as they climb their way back up the charts, and into any indie lover’s music library.” – Emily G.


“Black Dress” – Porches


“Aaron Maine delighted us all with February’s Pool, a huge departure from his significantly less synth-y and unpolished Dance In The Cosmos. Just when you thought he couldn’t add more synth he did – with Water, featuring two new songs and the raw demos of Pool. ‘Black Dress’ is my personal favorite; it is an uncomplicated ode about that girl you just can’t get out of your head. Aaron keeps it simple with a steady bass and twinkling synth, and the touch of bongos in the background make it impossible not to nod your head along. I don’t even feel bad calling this song groovy. It’s all the synth you love from Porches but slower and darker, perfect for transitioning into the fall.” – Ross M.


“Hot Weather” – Beach Baby


“London-based indie rock newcomers Beach Baby are making a name for themselves with the release of their debut album, ‘No Mind No Money.’ As fall approaches, Beach Baby’s chill, summer inspired vibes help those who aren’t quite ready to let go of the warm weather hold on to the last remaining weeks of summer. The track ‘Hot Weather’ opens with a hazy riff that can’t help but make you want to sway the minute it kicks in. As the vocals and drums join in, the instrumental builds on itself and the intricacies of the two guitars combine to create a delightfully atmospheric chorus. Lyrics about youthful love and longing create a sense of carefree nostalgia for everyone’s past summer flings. Hot weather may be escaping us, but Beach Baby is here to remind us it’s not completely gone yet.” – Ingrid A.


“A.S.I.D.” – DEBA [Prod. by Matt Oz]


“Newish single from one of the most promising rappers out of the Chicago music scene. With an increasingly impressive production team including Chicago bred NY native Ianlawl, and fellow Chicago producer Matt Oz along with others, Deba has been developing both lyrically and technically over the last couple of years. This new song comes in anticipation of his second mixtape dropping sometime this year. Balancing his youth in the scene and also his hunger for more success A.S.I.D. really highlights his versatility and ability to blend discussions of serious topics such as Police Brutality with well… smoking weed. Brilliant track and definitely an artist to watch in the coming months.” – Kenny D.


“These Days” – MANWOLVES


“Here’s an up-and-coming band out of Chicago mixing hip-hop, jazz, and rock to create a new sound. They just graduated high school and are making moves in the Chicago music scene. Keep an eye out for this group.” – Sam S.


“Veil Scans” – Tim Hecker


“In the most recent artist addition to the Adult Swim Singles series, Tim Hecker presents ‘Veil Scans,’ a track that could be considered a landmark in his craft. It is difficult to release a single within the ambient and drone genres, considering most of Hecker’s albums function as one massive track. This single takes a new and disquieting turn, starting off loud with eery layered violins. The track continues to grow in sound until it finally lands serenely with a slow fade at the end. Despite it having no surprises, it leaves the listener not only wondering what is next, but also knowing that there will be more. It successfully functions as an individual track, but could easily fit into an album as well. A single from an ambient artist is hard to pull off without mediocrity, but Hecker does so with ‘Veil Scans.'” – Christian T.


“Barrenlands” – Them Bruins


“Aussie rockers Them Bruins just made their US debut a few weeks back with the release of their EP ‘No One Wants to Dance With Them Bruins’ and its lead single, ‘Barrenlands.’ This track is a no-BS rock tune that takes the fuzzed-out chaos of 90s grunge and injects it with the ballsy swagger of 70s glam-rock, a damn perfect match made in wherever Sid Vicious ended up. It’s a full-throttle and instantly catchy track that’s perfect for those nights where you know you’re about to do something crazy and possibly life-threatening. Consider ‘Barrenlands’ an instant staple if you never need a playlist for a ‘Mad Max’-style race across the desert.” – Rob S.


“All Skaters Go to Heaven” – IAN SWEET


“Ian Sweet released their debut album, Shapeshifter, last week. The entire album is a hit, but the song ‘All Skaters Go To Heaven’ has a way of sneaking into the heart. I can’t help but to let my body melt into the slow, hypnotizing, dream-pop rhythm as the singer, Jilian Medford, tells the all-too-well-known tale of an unhealthy romance.” – Felicia B.


Check back in a couple of weeks for even more new tunez!