Horse Jumper of Love @ Last Haus in Allston

Horse Jumper of Love
Last Haus in Allston, MA
Openers: We Can All Be Sorry, Eddie Golden iii, Peaer

It was the perfect night for a house show. The crisp breeze would soon be cold, so everyone dragged out their old fleeces and long socks. The fuzzy guitars and twinkling lights in the basement of Last Haus in Allston were perfectly warm despite the early fall briskness. The intimacy and quasi-secrecy of a house show lend a certain experience to the music, making it more penetrative.

The show, put on by Show Mom collective, started off with Boston-based We Can All Be Sorry who played songs off their newest album Weekend Sorry. Alec Pombriant’s high tenor was reminiscent of Elliott Smith, while the heavy, math-y guitar work reminded me of ’90s post-rockers Slint. I was impressed with the gritty riffs and sharp plucking, perfectly contrasting with the soft vocals.

Connecticut’s Eddie Golden iii balanced the heavy bill with their funky psychedelic rock. Two of the members, Collin Sullivan and Eddie Golden, were previously in one of my favorite Connecticut bands, The Guru, so I was excited to see them live. Eddie, in large, thick rimmed glasses and long hair, looked and sounded straight out of the sixties. I found myself dancing to “High Cost of Living”, even though I had really come to the show to cry to Horse Jumper of Love’s dreamy music. Eddie Golden iii ended their set, yelling “we out here yolo 2016 LIVE” – you really just can’t help getting caught up in their energy.

I was hyped to see Peaer, after hearing a couple singles off their new self titled album. Their set was absolutely amazing and cohesive, and you can tell Peter Katz worked hard. “Third Law” blew me away, with each member showing off their technical skills with detailed dynamics and complex rhythms. Peter’s new LP offers introspective, poetic lyrics and this intelligence is reflected in the complexity of his melodies as well.

Boston-based Horse Jumper of Love’s music can be described as trance-like, stirring. It’s how you feel when you are first waking up out of a vivid dream; in limbo. The opening guitar riffs to “Ugly Brunette” are impossible not to get lost in. The trio, featuring Dimitri Giannopoulos, John Margaris, and Jamie Vadala-Doran, even played a couple new songs.

The autumn air was more biting than ever without the hazy, thick guitars of Horse Jumper blanketing me as I waited for my uber outside the house.

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