Lorde announces Melodrama, shares “Green Light”

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Lorde’s newest release is unabashedly bright and confident, increasing the tension before her sophomore LP Melodrama arrives this summer.


I don’t really know what it is about Lorde’s music that makes me feel the things it does, but I’ve been on the edge of my seat for years eagerly waiting for more. After a week of teasers and ominous foreshadowing, the first single from Lorde’s upcoming album Melodrama was released today. On Pure Heroine, Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, was able to use her music and writing to explain the process of growing and finding oneself through trial & error. “Green Light,” on the other hand, departs from that gloomy uncertainty and, instead, comes from a place of experience and maturity–showing how Lorde has spent the past few years dealing with fame, consequently evolving to be more confident in her place in the world, as well as herself as a person.

Though few of us have gone from a nobody to an international music sensation overnight, Lorde’s ability to give significance to even the most trivial things in her writing gives uncountable opportunities to see that her personal growth is much like our own. So many of her musings reflect on relationships, young-adulthood, and encountering the “real world.” I feel almost as if I have grown up along with Lorde (I mean we are only about a year apart in age) and perhaps that is why I identify so much with her music. I somehow always find myself describing albums with seasons, and while Pure Heroine was an album that exuded Winter, the upbeat optimism in “Green Light” is unmistakably Summer.

If Melodrama maintains this same vibe, I would expect that it will be an album reminiscing on the comfort and self-confidence that come about when one finally finds their purpose and place, and I can’t wait to play it on repeat for the next 60 years.

Listen to “Green Light” here:

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