Pre4k: LCD Soundsystem

Photo by Steve Jennings

Set Time: Catch LCD Soundsystem at 8:10pm on Friday, performing on the Green Stage

Intro Tracks: Dance Yrself Clean, North American Scum, All My Friends

Why You Should Be There: C’mon, really?

This is a no brainer for most music enthusiasts. The crafted cynicism of one James Murphy, front-old man of the beloved NYC outfit, is finally back with a promise of new material. Withconcerts sold out in the blink of an eye and every 20-something on the edge of their seat to see Murphy and co retract their long goodbye, LCD Soundsystem’s performance should be a wonderfully eclectic and profoundly danceable experience that even your dad wouldn’t miss.

For some of us, the call to inspiration comes in the little things: making your parents proud or receiving the satisfaction that your are doing something to better the world. For Murphy, it was the elaborate power of David Bowie. After 2010’s This Is Happening and the subsequent disbanding of LCD, the music industry was left without a voice of reason and wry truth telling– one that called out the rapid gentrification his hometown in “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”, or the maligned dialogue on record label influence and artistic integrity in “You Wanted A Hit”. After working in minimal capacity on Blackstar, Murphy revealed that, at the advice of Bowie, he was able to face the uncomfort of getting the band back together and pick up the pieces cast aside in 2011.

Now, after the release of the first secular LCD Soundsystem music in over 7 years, Murphy and co. are gracing the stage in Chicago this Friday with just a taste of what is in store come September. American Dream looks to be a more collaborative effort among the LCD family, exploring further introspection and embodying the words of David Bowie in every twist of Murphy’s now trademark analysis on it all. This is not just a reunion gig– LCD Soundsystem is regaining its edge, and we get to watch.

Listen to “call the police” and “american dream” here:




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