Q&A with Crumb

Get a chance to catch Crumb at WRBB’s Block Party last week? Whether you did or didn’t, check out this exclusive interview of Boston’s beloved indie group.

Listen to Crumb’s latest EP, Locket, here:

Introduce yourselves! Just say your name, instrument, maybe your astrological sign…

Jesse: Okay, my name is Jesse, I’m from Hastings on Hudson, New York, and I’m an Aries.

Jonathan: Jonathan, from California, and I don’t believe in horoscopes.

Lila: I’m lila, I play guitar and sing, I’m from Brooklyn, and I’m a Gemini.

Brian: I’m Brian, I play keys, synth, and sax. I’m from Long Island, and I think I’m an Aries.

Okay sweet! If you had to get a stick and poke right now what would you get?

Jonathan: I had a friend who once who got the word ‘oops’.

Jesse: I would do … Bob Ross. I’ve been trying to get an image of Bob Ross on me, but I don’t know if it’s weird to do a representation of a person.

What’s your favorite trader joe’s goodie?

Jesse: Dunkers!

Jonathan: Those dunkers… yeah.

Like dunkaroos?

Jesse: I think the rip-off Trader Joe’s brand of that is Dunkers.

Brian: We used to go through those in like two days.

Jesse: Yeah, it’s got some cinnamon oatmeal flavs in there… highly addictive.

Lila: I used to get the cookie butter!

Are you familiar with tooth tunes? The toothbrushes that play music? What song would your tooth tunes play?

Jonathan: Death Grips.

What album?

Jonathan: The new one.

What type of movie would your music be the soundtrack of?

Jesse: Oooh… psychological thriller!

Brian : Romcom.

What astrological sign do you think your latest release is?

Lila: Gemini

You don’t like it, or..?

Lila: No no, it’s just all over the place.

What actor would play your lifetime original movie character?

Jesse: As a band or individually?

However you want to take that.

Jonathan: Bruce Willis.

Jesse: Danny Devito, hell yeah, absolutely.

Lila: I would play myself.

What’s the spookiest thing you’ve ever seen, like have you ever seen a ghost?

Jesse: Oh yeah! But I mean I can’t talk about that on record.

Lila: The fridge men?

Jesse: There’s a little guy in my fridge.

What’s your favorite food at fairs?

Jesse: Huge turkey leg, dead serious.

How do you take your coffee?

Jesse: Little cream, never sugar.

Brian: Soy milk for the lactose. It’s better that way honestly.

Most embarrassing road story… if you can tell it.

Jesse: The gusher turtle!

That just sounds interesting.

Jesse: Let’s just leave it at that!

WRBB Fall Block Party 2017

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