Big Thief prove they are the best working indie band on ‘U.F.O.F’

    Big Thief U.F.O.F 4AD · May 3, 2019 Detailed, isolated and alien in its excellence; the record succeeds on all fronts. Sometimes listening to an album for a review can feel like a chore. Most music worth coverage is at least passable, but forcing yourself to listen to mediocrity for a few days on repeat […]

    Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky release full-length ‘Droneflower’

    Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky Droneflower Sacred Bones Records · April 26, 2019 The record comes across as a display of mastered dynamics and mood, not songwriting chops. A collaboration record from Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky is, on its face, an unlikely collision of musical worlds. Nadler rose to relevance in the mid 2010’s […]

    Habibi brings an exhilirating set to Allston

    Habibi with Leggy April 16, 2019 at Great Scott In an interview last month for WRBB, original Habibi member and guitarist Lenny Lynch spoke to me about the band’s upcoming Boston show saying, “This should be a real treat. We’re all ready now to jump back in and play all over the place.” That excited […]

    Show Me the Body’s ‘Dog Whistle’ doesn’t pack a punch

    Show Me the Body Dog Whistle Loma Vista Recordings · March 29, 2019 The problem is that, unfortunately, underneath all the scuzz and distortion there aren’t any memorable songs. Last month I had the pleasure of seeing Show Me the Body tear apart Northeastern University’s After Hours with their ferocious blend of hardcore punk and […]

    Q&A with Habibi’s Lenaya “Lenny” Lynch

    WRBB’s Joey Molloy caught up with Lenaya “Lenny” Lynch of Habibi to talk about Detroit, eclectic influences, lazy music journalism, and Habibi’s imminent comeback. Be sure to check them out at Great Scott on April 16! [Lynch, noticing the area code of my phone number] Are you from Livonia, Michigan? Yes, I’m from right around […]

    Talking Heads’ ‘Fear of Music’ turns 40

    Talking Heads Fear of Music  Sire Records · August 3, 1979 “To shake your rump is to be environmentally aware.” – David Byrne Born out of art school academia and the first wave punk scene at CBGB’s, Talking Heads was a group armed with intellectualism and intention. Unlike their New York City contemporaries, the Heads weren’t interested […]

    Daughters’ high-functioning anarchy comes to Cambridge

    Daughters with Container and Big Brave March 12, 2019 at The Sinclair Daughters put on one of the most grotesque and loud experiences I’ve ever seen. I should probably preface this show review by saying I never wear earplugs to shows.  It’s really not my thing. When it comes to live music, I’m all about […]

    Grant Hart’s Fight

    Help WRBB support the American Cancer Society and Northeastern’s Relay For Life this month. Donate Here Join us in remembering and acknowledging some of our favorite artists that have been affected by cancer. Grant Hart, drummer and vocalist for legendary punk band Hüsker Dü, is another example of a musician taken too early by cancer. […]

    Cherry Glazerr are at their strongest on ‘Stuffed and Ready’

    Cherry Glazerr Stuffed and Ready Secretly Canadian · February 1, 2019 The amateurish grit of early Cherry Glazerr has been polished away, allowing the well-written songs on Stuffed and Ready to shine brighter. I remember when Cherry Glazerr first became an indie phenomenon. The year was 2014, and I was a sophomore in high school. […]

    New Music Mondays | 11.19.18

    Get ready for your big turkey dinner by listening to these tasty new tunes. #NMM. ‘Pussy Is God’ – King Princess “Has anyone seen Mikaela Strauss? This 19-year-old New York native is a music prodigy. At just age 11, she was offered a record deal but turned it down to continue her education. By June […]

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