Vince Staples’ latest self-titled release dives deeper into a familiar theme

Vince Staples Vince Staples Blacksmith / Motown · July 9, 2021 Throughout his career, Vince Staples has always struggled with the way his music, particularly his lyrical content, was consumed. To him, many listeners seemed to shrug off the stories of his run-ins with violence and loss as disposable entertainment. He highlighted this gripe in […]

DIY is back, baby: Listen to Dino Gala’s “Fun Fair”

What’s most remarkable about this track is the band’s ability to float so effortlessly into clouds of untethered distortion, then come right back down to earth to deliver a hard-hitting verse. Out of the slew of new projects emerging from the haze of the pandemic, Boston indie rock band Dino Gala (Martin Kessler, Alex Massey, […]

girl in red’s long-awaited debut LP is a disappointing flop

girl in red if i could make it go quiet world in red · April 30, 2021 It’s disheartening to hear the state of girl in red’s music on her latest LP, if i could make it go quiet. The EPs she released previously showed genuine promise in her songwriting and in her ability to […]

Tōth’s ‘You and Me and Everything’ is a lovely kind of awkward

Tōth You and Me and Everything Northern Spy · April 30, 2021 With the release of You and Me and Everything, Alex Toth, or Tōth, leans into his deliberately awkward style. Overall, the album has a borderline playful sound, with fun twists on vocal range, quirky instrumentation, and down-to-earth lyrics. The most effective songs on […]

‘Fortitude’ is a turning point for French metal quartet Gojira

Gojira Fortitude Roadrunner · April 30, 2021 French quartet Gojira is back with their seventh studio album, after five years without a full-length release. While the band, whose original lineup remains intact, has undoubtedly retained their unique presence and style on the album, Fortitude brings an array of new characteristics and design that have not […]

Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Civilisation II’ EP is full of serene storytelling

Kero Kero Bonito Civilisation II Polyvinyl · April 21, 2021 Kero Kero Bonito’s newest EP, Civilisation II, is a worthy successor to their magnificent 2019 EP Civilisation I and builds upon the themes that were previously illustrated in that work. Its sound, while similar to Civilisation I, is distinctly more blissful and serene, and the […]

Fog Lake’s ‘Tragedy Reel’ is a poetic expression of nostalgia

Fog Lake Tragedy Reel Orchid Tapes · April 23, 2021 Under the name Fog Lake, Aaron Powell has released a vast discography of nostalgic and sorrowful lo-fi music. With the latest Fog Lake release, Tragedy Reel, Powell continues to deliver songs that are distinctly melancholy and poetic. Although he sticks to his signature sound, he […]

Q&A: Berklee singer-songwriter Katie Lynne Sharbaugh offers a behind-the-scenes look at her latest project

Q&A: Katie Lynne Sharbaugh Katie Lynne Sharbaugh is a Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter and soon-to-be Berklee graduate. WRBB’s Fenner Dreyfuss-Wells caught up with her to chat about songwriting, plans for the future, and the process of creating her latest project. The debut single “Nothing Left To Lose,” from her forthcoming two-part project Little Blue Beetle, is out […]

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