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Brandi Carlile’s In These Silent Days comes “Right on Time”

Brandi Carlile In These Silent Days Elektra · October 1, 2021 CONTENT WARNING: Due to the content of this album, this review will mention abuse. It is also important to note that this album explores this theme. Listener discretion is advised. Brandi Carlile’s new album In These Silent Days is a sometimes folky foray into […]

RAY BLK shines on long-awaited debut Access Denied

RAY BLK Access Denied Island · October 1, 2021 In the U.S., when one mentions a current female R&B singer, some names that come to mind are SZA, Summer Walker, or Ella Mai. However, don’t count out RAY BLK next time you think of the genre. Four years after winning the BBC’s Sound Of 2017, […]

SONGWRIGHTS APOTHECARY LAB is an artful investigation of music as healing

Esperanza Spalding SONGWRIGHTS APOTHECARY LAB Concord · September 24, 2021 The SONGWRIGHTS APOTHECARY LAB album is the culmination of three periods of reflection, collaboration, and contemplation led by Esperanza Spalding and her cohorts in a project of the same name. Esperanza Spalding (also known as Irma Nejando or i.e.) is a renowned vocalist, bass player, […]

LLVX’s Eyes is an intense exploration of identity

LLVX Eyes LLVX · September 24, 2021 With their sophomore release Eyes, LLVX takes a deeper dive into musical exploration and personal struggle. The New York/Boston-based artist has already demonstrated their music production prowess in the Ball EP, but Eyes, released September 24, takes LLVX’s discography to an entirely new standard. The album is painstakingly […]

Mild High Club’s Going Going Gone feels like a good day waiting to happen

Mild High Club Going Going Gone Stones Throw · September 17, 2021 Going Going Gone is the third album of Alex Brettin’s solo project, Mild High Club. It comes five years after his ambitious sophomore album, Skiptracing. Brettin’s musical style seamlessly fuses indie, pop, psychedelic, and jazz elements to create layered tracks that defy genre. […]

On his latest release, José González stays in his comfort zone

José González Local Valley Imperial · September 17, 2021 Swedish musician José González has proven once again that he is nothing if not consistent. His new album Local Valley should be welcomed warmly by fans of his prior releases, as his quiet vocal tone and intricate fingerpicking patterns on his acoustic guitar haven’t gone anywhere. […]

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