Executive Board
Position Holder (Email) Office Hours
General Manager Daniel Lim By appointment
Program Director Parker Brown  By appointment
Director of Marketing and Communications Kenneth DuMez By appointment
Associate Director of Promotion Hannah Bates  By appointment
Associate Director of
Digital Marketing
Ashley Juliano By appointment
Associate Director of
Content Production
Juliette Paige By appointment
Director of Music Brooke Baumgartner By appointment
Director of Events By appointment
Director of News Sophie O'Neil  By appointment
Director of Sports Josh Brown  By appointment
Director of Finance Justin Littman By appointment
Engineer Jeremy Breef-Pilz  By appointment
Web/Stream Admin Stefan Cepko By appointment

*Email is generally the best and quickest way to reach our staff.
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Phone Numbers
Main Office: 617.373.4338
Music Office: 617.373.4339
On-Air Studio: 617.373.2658
Mailing Address
WRBB 104.9 FM
360 Huntington Avenue
#174 Curry Student Center