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WRBB is a non-commercial, non-profit, free-form station run by students at Northeastern University in Boston providing the surrounding areas with a musical diversity not available on any of Boston’s commercial stations. In addition to an eclectic mix of shows, all major Northeastern basketball, baseball, and hockey games are also broadcast live. There are lots of things going on with WRBB so stay tuned, check back often for updates, and spread the word about the hottest station in the Back Bay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?
WRBB broadcasts from the Curry Student Center 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are located at 174 Curry on the first floor behind the center for community services.

What is WRBB’s history?
WRBB first began its broadcast on December 13, 1962 as WNEU a carrier current station which only reached 2 dormitories. WNEU began to grow and soon gained more power and became WRBB 91.7. In 1970 the frequency changed from 91.7 to 104.9 and the current WRBB was born. WRBB is a Class D non-commercial radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and transmits from the campus of Northeastern University.

How do I get a radio show?
Getting a radio show at WRBB is easier than most people think. You are required to take a clearance class taught by WRBB’s student engineer. The class is open to all students as well as community members and is taught in our state of the art production studio. During the class, students will learn WRBB’s rules and regulations as well as become familiar with FCC regulations. Students will also be taught to run all the radio equipment needed to produce your very own radio show! After the class, a short written test will be given in which you will have to answer questions regarding what was taught in the class. This test is given on a separate date at an individual session in which students will have a chance to meet one-on-one with the engineer to clear up any problems or confusion. After the individual session, students are required to observe an e-board (executive board) member’s show for one hour. Finally, once all of the above is completed, students must complete a one-half hour off air demo tape showing the skills and knowledge that they have learned. Once this has been approved by the engineer at the station, the student may go to the program director to request a show. It really is not that difficult and can be done in less than a week!

Who runs the radio station?
WRBB is a 100% student run organization overseen by the media advisor at Northeastern. The station’s executive board consists of a station manager who oversees all operations of the station and controls the stations budget, a program director that oversees the daily program schedule and is responsible for any disciplinary actions that must be taken or problems that occur with the schedule on a day to day basis. The student engineer is in charge of station maintenance. If equipment breaks, the engineer reports problems to the GM and chief engineer and either fixes the problem on his or her own or makes sure the equipment gets repaired. The engineer also is in charge of the clearance process which is described above. The music director and his or her staff are in charge of the large quantity of music that gets shipped to the station on a daily basis. The directors review the music, put the music out into the on-air studio, organize DJ’s play lists and submit weekly charts. The Sports director oversees the sports staff and coordinates both home and away sports broadcasts. They are in charge of making sure all games are on-air and sound professional. The Promotions director is in charge of all station promotions. They coordinate on-air giveaways, the WRBB street team, set up live events and provide the station with promotional material. Finally, the news director is responsible for gathering, writing and reading the WRBB newscast daily at 12:00 and 5:00 pm. The entire executive board is students that are elected by the general station membership. In order to run for an executive board position a candidate must have been a station member for no less than 6 months.

What does it mean to be a member and how do I become one?
There are different levels of involvement at WRBB. There are community members, prospective members and members. Community members are non-students, either alumni or community members who hold a show on WRBB. These members usually are only limited to Saturday and Sunday morning shows but are still very much a part of the station and subject to the rules and regulations set forth by WRBB. These members must still pass a clearance class to get a show and shows given to these members are only given AFTER students receive shows for the semester. A majority of the students involved at WRBB are “prospective members”. Prospective members are students who are involved at the station from a very basic level and usually are working toward full membership status and involvement at WRBB. Prospective members usually hold a show at WRBB, attend station meetings and help out at station events. Membership at WRBB is one of the highest levels of involvement that one can achieve during his or her time at WRBB. Becoming a “member” at WRBB requires that the student (prospective member) puts in a certain amount of “volunteer time” within the different departments of WRBB (General, Programming, Engineering, Sports, Music and News). The “volunteer time” one must give is determined by the department directors. Once the prospective member achieves the proper volunteer time in each of the departments they are awarded membership status at WRBB. This gives him or her the right to get first choice at time slots for shows, vote at station elections and run for executive board positions. Only full time students may become members at WRBB. At no time may a community member or student outside of Northeastern University have membership status or sit on the executive board.

How do I get involved?
The easiest and best way to get involved in WRBB is to attend one of the several station general meetings held throughout each semester. Meeting dates and times are announced on the website as well as our Facebook & Twitter. At the general meetings, new students wishing to get involved can meet the proper members of the executive board, sign up for clearance classes and find the way they would like to get involved at WRBB. It’s that easy!!

What type of programming is aired on WRBB?
WRBB is a free-format college radio station. There is a wide variety of music played on WRBB from Rock to Rap, Electronic to Jazz, Blues to Gospel, WRBB has something for everyone. WRBB also hosts a variety of talk and specialty shows including weekend community shows, a weekly news show and sports talk show. WRBB also broadcasts all Northeastern Basketball, Hockey and Baseball games.

Are there Work Study or Co-op positions at WRBB?
WRBB offers a very limited number of paid work study positions which students can apply for based on their financial aid package. Interested students should contact the station manager at least 2 weeks before the semester starts if interested. There is also one full time co-op position at WRBB. Interested candidates must be full time work study cleared and must be able to work Monday-Friday 9-5. Interested candidates should work with their co-op advisor to apply for the job. Other than these, there are no paid positions at WRBB. WRBB is a student organization and students that who are involved as DJs do not receive any compensation.

Does WRBB do advertising?
No! WRBB is a non-commercial radio station. For companies interested in gaining exposure on WRBB, we do offer underwriting which is a form of advertising giving companies and organizations the chance to sponsor a Public Service Announcement over the airwaves. See our “Underwriting” page for more information.

What if I still have questions?
If you have any questions that were not answered here, please refer to the e-mail directory on the website to contact the individual that you feel would best answer your question.

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