Just last week, local rockers, Oh, Malô released their latest music video for “Out On My Own,” featuring the band’s Jordan Lagana’s dissent from his historical beard age. The video, created by Fitz Ross Productions, highlights a whimsical take on an emotional topic, featuring the group’s second song off of Red, the band’s second color-themed EP. I encourage you to take a look at the video here.

Oh, Malô present colorful soundscapes through their eclecticism, inspired by a series of emotions and experiences. Founded in 2014, the band reached immediate chemistry and completed the writing of their debut album in a mere three months. Since then, the group has released two out of three of their color-themed EPs, Red and Blue. Oh, Malô pulls influences from bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Radiohead, Local Natives, Daughter and Jeff Buckley to create a consistently unpredictable blend of timbres and arrangements.

Don’t miss out on other Fitz Ross productions such as the Arrowhead Spare Room Session that was premiered last friday via AbsolutePunk. Stay tuned for other upcoming Fitz Ross releases featuring Spare Room Sessions from Bent Shapes, Bent Knee, Funeral Advantage and many more.




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