New Music Mondays | 4.4.2016

“Sick” of Mondays too? We guarantee this helps you through the worst day of your week! List below…

“G W M” by  Towkio Shawn

As much as I hate Towkio with a passion and all that he stands for(talentless hacks riding off the success of their much more talented friends) this song has invaded my brain. I hate that I love it but it’s so catchy I’ve been singing it for the past three weeks. Also you don’t have Beyonce with you Towkio, if she saw you in the streets she’d spit on you. – Kenneth

“Animals” by Coast Modern

Released late February, “Animals” is Coast Modern’s second big single release (after “Hollow Life,” which I would also highly recommend). Coast Modern is a sort of upbeat Alt-J, and this song is a laid back, feel good, alternative rock song. It’s something I imagine myself blasting in the car driving to the beach. Kick back, relax, and get the good vibes on. – Juliette

“Vertebrae” by Sam Moss

Like a makeshift path meandering through the sunlit back woods, Sam Moss’s re-release of “Vertebrae” (the final track on Pitkin County Morning EP) takes you on springtime rove beyond the confines of city grids. While maintaining a sound that rings true with the singers ever present Boston based folk core , Moss delivers a driving take on the softly sung storytellers song.

Along with an earthy drum pattern that pulls the song from the bedroom to the stage, Moss relies heavily on a sweeping electrical guitar that pools heavy with melody. – Adam

“Out To Lunch” by Galkin

A simple drum line combines with the light and groovy picking of a consistent bass line to deliver a feeling as if you’re walking through a whimsical day with a couple well-dressed buddies. At first you’re in the elevator of Wes Anderson’s house approaching the bottom floor. When the vocals come in, you step out of the elevator and find yourself in the trendiest department store at the mall. Then comes the hazy breakdown that occurs between the two identifiable verses of the song, which is probably when you’re searching for the artfully place price tag on a pair of cuffed, mustard yellow chinos. You found it. Yup, they’re stupidly expensive. Now that aforementioned second verse comes in, snapping you out of the fantasy land your head was in when you thought you could afford anything in this store. You link back up with your buddies, exit the mall, notice the empañada food truck a couple blocks away, and head toward it in no particular rush. A crusty guitar solo enters the mix to little fanfare, and the song begins to sluggishly fade out accordingly. This song’s pretty good, so put it on when you’re walking to the bus stop or when you’re walking home after class. – Spencer M.

“Silhouette” by Aquilo

The newest single from the English duo is a beautifully arranged ballad showcasing stunning instrumental arrangements and powerful lyrics. This musical journey starts with a stripped down piano accompaniment and crescendos into a finale that will feel like a breath of fresh air and leave you wondering why this duo’s debut album has not dropped yet. – Helena

“Blush” by Leon Vynehall

Combining bird calls and a persistent kick drum that blends perfectly with the hi-hat, Leon Vynhall not only makes this 8 minute song an instant dance hit but also makes it the focal piece to his new album. – Leon Vynehall

“Roll The Bones” by Shakey Graves

A hauntingly upbeat take on electronic folk (if that’s even a thing). – Cassia

“Good Morning” by SBTRKT ft. The-Dream

The second track on SBTRKT’s new project SAVE YOURSELF enlists the help of The-Dream’s uplifting croon to deliver the most emotionally evocative music in the producer’s career. The triumphant horn fanfare to start the track is a reminder that even after the longest of nights there will always be a new day, a new day blossoming with new opportunities and a chance to move forward. Like the tearful hug at the end of a intervention, this song booms with the type of optimism that can only be felt in the face of adversary. – Rob

“Sinister” by Frankie Cosmos

Spring is here, so dont fear, drink a beer, give this song a hear. Ryan aka The God

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