Thomston Releases Debut Full-Length ‘Topograph’

Some of us have been counting down the days until Thomston’s new album Topograph came out. Thomas Stoneman, the brilliant artist who goes by the name Thomston, has a way of making the moody melodies of his alternative pop music deeply entrancing. His soothing voice cuts through the songs in multiple layers, adding to the mysterious vibe that is a trademark of his music. The album begins with “Survey”, a preface that sets the framework for Thomston’s first full album. “Float”, “Rocketfuel”, and “The Outskirts” stand out to me as some of my personal favorites. In “Float,” Thomston tells the story of love, loss, and pushing someone past their breaking point. The lyrics are both poetic and tragic, which is only magnified by the softness of his voice in this song. The offbeat sound of “Rocketfuel” in Topograph separates him from many artists that have not branched out in such a way. When he sings, “You are the only one who makes me feel nervous like this,” the bass sounds like an anxious heartbeat. “The Outskirts” has the catchiest chorus; Thomston sings about dreams of running away and the agitation that comes with it. This song has some of the deepest lyrics and best vocals as well. Thomston made sure to include some of our favorites in the album, “Window Seat (feat. Wafia),” “Collarbones,” and “Expiry Date,” which I think was a nice touch and tribute to his fans. Thomston is so sincere and expressive in this album. It is difficult not to love it.

-Nicole P.

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