Happy Halloween, Huskies! We’ve got some spooky (not really) tunez for you to add to your playlists this week. Stay tuned for some #lit show and album reviews coming at you this week!

“Man On the Moon” – Zella Day

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“At only 21 years old, Zella Day has already had major success with her debut album from last year, ‘Kicker.’ She’s back already with a new single entitled, ‘Man on the Moon.’ The track opens with hypnotizing vocals of ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ that continue in the background throughout the remainder of the tune. The song is almost like a daydream that you can’t get out of your head and will distract you from all of your responsibilities, in a good way. Lyrics such as, ‘alone in my dream room, I want to love you, alone in my dream room, my body above you,’ contribute to its illusory feel. Day’s voice is angelic and captivating, ensuring listeners a blissful trip to a magical place.” – Emily G.

“The Castle” – The Flaming Lips

“‘The Castle’ is the newest single from psychedelic rock powerhouse, The Flaming Lips. It is the first single from their upcoming Oczy Mlody album which will be released in January, coincidentally, on frontman, Wayne Coyne’s 52nd birthday. ‘The Castle’ is an upbeat love song that is reminiscent of the band’s happier music released in the late 90s and early 2000s. The dreamy, syncopated guitars, ear-hopping drums, and blissful vocal harmonies instantly bring you into the Flaming Lips’ musical realm. While listening to the song, it is easy to imagine yourself in a colorful dream-world like the one depicted on the single’s cover. ‘The Castle’ has made me thoroughly excited for the new album and even more excited for their show at House of Blues this spring.” – Spencer L.

“Scared Money” – NxWorries

“‘Scared Money’ is a song off of the highly anticipated release from Hip Hop collaboration NxWorries, composed of Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge. The album, ‘Yes Lawd!’, is spread with lush instrumentals and samples, heralded as a tribute to the same soundscape in the 80s. With .Paak’s crooning over the dense layers of warm and feathered synth stabs, Nxworries works to craft a solid and monstrously catchy tune on an album full of highlights.” – Andrew G.

“Gameshow” – Two Door Cinema Club

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“‘Gameshow’ is the title track off of Two Door Cinema Club’s new album, and it shows a pretty wild new direction for the band. Although fourth in the album, it sets the ’80s tone of the album perfectly. Complete with a new focus on singer Alex Trimble’s vocal capabilities and synths, which has the band jumping the indie ship. Musically, it is interesting and everything you could want in an album, just maybe not a Two Door Cinema Club album. Two Door is now a different band than the one that released the wildly successful album Beacon in 2012, but you have to applaud their bravery and passion.” – Jillian F.

“Boyish” – Hippo Campus

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“The fresh-out-of high school Minnesota band Hippo Campus finally provides some new material after teasing fans on social media for months. The new single ‘Boyish’ shows Hippo Campus is really expanding their talents and working on developing their sound. Once again using their transition into adulthood as inspiration, the lyrics remain as poetically cryptic as ever while still being able to strike a nostalgic chord in its listeners. The song itself is daydreamy and optimistic in its tone, a little more fast paced than usual, with lead singer ‘Turntan’ providing bright and echoey vocals. Overall a very exciting prelude to whatever the band hopefully has in store for us.” – Becca P.

“Get Away” – Great Good Fine OK

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“Just prior to leaving for a month-long tour down the east coast (that happens to be skipping Boston), synth-pop duo Great Good Fine OK released their new single ‘Get Away’ on Friday as a teaser for their upcoming EP. In this new tune, GGFO brings back their characteristic falsetto refrains and melodies, but this time they really amp up the funky beats that have been so appealing in their songs in the past. Feelings of wanting to get away are pretty common for most of us, as the weather has been getting colder, so if you really want to get away check out this single and keep an eye out for their EP when it drops in January!” – Jason C.

“Swim Against the Tide” – The Japanese House

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“Amber Bain released a second song off her upcoming EP of the same name, and it has a much simpler structure than any previous tracks, with a very simple backing beat and prominent chorus. However, despite its simplicity, it may be one of Bain’s best with depressingly introspective lyrics and satisfyingly smooth vocals. The track surprisingly does not often feature Bain’s signature of electronically lowering her voice, giving a more honest and bare tone to the song. It matches the lyrics and music well though. Fans of The Japanese House can also hear her next track ‘Good Side In’ to be released Monday.” – Jillian F.

“T-Shirt” – Shortstraw

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“I have never had an issue with silly little love songs and the new single by South African indie rock band Shortstraw is exactly that. Using upbeat rhythms and optimistic tone, the song focuses on a relationship in which the singer is in love with someone despite constant mixed signals and flaws. Not an original topic but it’s an excellent cheery song with guileless lyrics. Their first release this year, they show signs of straying from their pattern of clear guitar melodies into newish territory. Hopefully this new single means that the band has more new and fun work coming out soon.” – Becca P.

“Joanie” – The Front Bottoms


“Needy When I’m Needy, the new 7-inch by indie rock band The Front Bottoms, features two tracks that were excluded from their preceding album Back on Top, ‘Joanie’ and ‘Tighten Up’. Featuring Sella, who delivers confessional lyrics with his usual distinctive vocals, the song reflects on working through rough patches in life and the person who helps carry you through it. The chorus and main guitar melody is incredibly infectious and gets across the longing cry for help that is the subject of this song, and it also contrast well with the other track in this release.” – Becca P.

“Beautiful Strangers” – Kevin Morby

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“Former Woods bassist and indie darling Kevin Morby recently released a gripping social commentary track entitled ‘Beautiful Strangers’. Here, over Dylan-esque vocal delivery and folksy instrumentals, Morby addresses the increasing issue of gun violence both domestic and abroad, even including a verse dedicated to the The Bataclan in Paris. All proceeds made from the track and it’s B side will go to the charity Everytown for Gun Safety. The song itself is incredibly gripping and leaves the listener in sobering silence after its almost 7 minute run time.” – Andrew G.


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