New Music Mondays | 2.13.17

Mad about the lack of snow days as of late? Maybe the first 2017 edition of the Media Team’s #NMM can keep you warm as you furiously check!

“Go Home” – Yellow Days

George Van De Broek better known by the name of his first studio recording project “Yellow Days” is very sad and he wants you to know it. Following up his first EP release, “Harmless Melodies”, 17 year old Van De Broek just released the bonus track “Go Home”, a song in which the woozy, smoky electric guitar and his deep dripping vocals convince the listener that maybe it is time to go home. Not known necessarily for his lyrical complexity, he plays to his strength using his incredibly deep, powerful voice to croon and let the emotion be carried in the tone rather than the words. Put this on while you smoke a cigarette alone in the backyard of the party you never wanted to go to but did anyway because you knew she would be there but she just left because her friend was throwing up belligerently and her friend is also her boyfriend.

-Kenneth DuMez

“My Old Man” – Mac DeMarco

Mac’s back. The newest tracks from slack-rocker Mac DeMarco will have you wishing for summer even more than you already are. From his currently unreleased new album ‘This Old Dog,’ DeMarco has released two tracks for the world to hear including the sunny sounding “My Old Man.” His recent move from New York to Los Angeles has been marked by a noticeable change in his staple sound. What used to be twangy, chorus-ridden guitar riffs and solos backed by obscurely bleeding chords have been replaced by a single acoustic guitar. He’s left the duty of drumming to a drum loop accompanied by a synthesized xylophone riff. Although he has carried certain qualities from his previous album “Another One,” like detuned background synth chords and his signature lazy/dreamlike vocals, DeMarco’s sound is certainly changing, and that’s quite alright. Sit back, relax, and have a quick jam to “My Old Man” from Mac DeMarco’s newest album coming in May.

-Jason Ebbs

“Actually Smiling” – Geotic


Geotic is another alter-ego of electronic musician, Will Wiesenfeld a.k.a. Baths. He has released the single, “Actually Smiling”, ahead of his upcoming album, Abysma, released on Ghostly International March 31st. The track is a fun, bouncy, minimalist house track with Wisenfeld’s signature falsetto vocals scattered throughout. The release of the single was paired with an equally fun, hilarious music video that follows Wiesenfeld’s journey to collect hair from across Los Angeles so that he can swim in the ocean. I’m super excited to see Wiesenfeld join Ghostly’s stacked artist lineup and I can’t wait to hear the new album.

-Spencer LaChance

“Cool Your Heart” – Dirty Projectors

With the new self-titled Dirty Projectors album being released later this month, every single put out is a gift to their fans. So far “Keep Your Name” and “Up in Hudson” have been grand departures from the style of their previous two albums, Swing Lo Magellan and Bitte Orca. They are more somber and masculine, drawing more inspiration from hip hop than prog rock. The newest song to be previewed, “Cool Your Heart” is a Beyonce-esqe duet with Dawn Richard (D∆WN), a New Orleans based hip hop artist. It is a tropical, trance inducing ballad dealing with the internal conflict of falling in love. This song gets better with every listen. Look out for the full album, out on 2/24.

-Dominic Yamarone

“Believer” – Imagine Dragons

If you tuned into the Super Bowl last Sunday, then you definitely saw the commercial for the Nintendo Switch, which was backed by Imagine Dragons’ new single, “Believer.” The powerful march-like beats of the drum and the crashing symbols were the perfect combination for selling a hot new gaming console. Lead vocalist Dan Reynolds creates an intense anthem about overcoming pain and becoming a strong believer, “You break me down, you built me up, believer.” You can easily hear the angst in Reynold’s voice, adding to the emotional appeal of the track. If you’re ever feeling defeated, put this on and soon you’ll be raging with motivation.

-Emily Grinberg

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid

This Friday, Sigrid released her first official single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” with Island Records. Hailing from Norway, and only 20 years old, she has delivered an unexpected anthem taking the spotlight off of Friday’s other major releases. With an infectious hook and building momentum, Sigrid has officially entered the world of pop music in full force.

-Lauren Bodin

“East Coast Hiding” – Dounia

Dounia, a NYC based model who has already earned a name for herself in the industry through fierce advocation for fellow women and POC, released “East Coast Hiding” in preparation for the drop of her first EP in early January. The track features a smooth, warm blanket of sound to combat the elements and Dounia’s flow, while instinctual, prioritizes vocal finesse in a highly distinctive manner. You might recognize her voice from her submission to the #SoGoneChallenge late last year and the various covers she has posted. While these have been stripped from her Soundcloud, it’s only a matter of time until her mixtape hits and everyone can get more than a taste of what she’s truly capable of.

-Kara Kokinos

“Ballad of the Dying Man” – Father John Misty


Having already released two other singles off his upcoming release, Pure Comedy, LA savant Father John Misty brings us a third tune in a response to recent political happenings. The instrumentation is a bit more reserved, but still maintains his trademark fusion of folk and 70s AM rock as he barrels along on this explicit ballad with grandeur. In usual style, the lyrics are witty and ironic, yet cautious and sobering—following the trend that we have seen thus far in anticipation of Pure Comedy, out April 7th via Sub Pop.

-Andrew Goldberg


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