LIT OR NAH? – “One Foot” by Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon release “One Foot” and tease a new direction in sound.

Verdict: Extremely Lit

By: Marisa Kenny

Nearly three years since releasing their sophomore album, Walk the Moon is back with their new single “One Foot.” The band gained widespread fame after the success of “Shut Up and Dance,” which earned them two Billboard Music Awards. In early 2016, the band had to cancel their upcoming Work This Body Tour “due to serious illness in Nick’s Family” and have since been under the radar.

“One Foot” offers a new sound for fans; the band has approached a more EDM, DJ-esque sound. It’s very similar to something you would see come from Calvin Harris or other like-minded DJs in today’s music scene. It’s refreshing to hear this new tone from Walk the Moon. While I loved the ’80s inspired synth-pop sound of Talking is Hard, it’s good to see musicians take time for themselves and come back trying something new. Something the band hasn’t changed is its positive message through lyrics like “Taking this one step at a time/ I got your back and you got mine/…One foot in front of the other/ Ooh, all we have is each other”

Along with the single, Walk the Moon has released a music video, filmed in Joshua Tree National Park in California. It wouldn’t be Walk the Moon without face paint, but this video uses only simple, geometric white paint to go along with the structures used in the video, a noticeable change from the usual brightness in years past. The video also uses beautiful visuals of the sky with Petricca and an unknown woman in the desert.

With Walk the Moon being back in the music world, me and the rest of the fanbase will be patiently waiting to hear more about the upcoming album and future tour dates.

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