New Music Mondays | 03.05.18

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the newest singles below while you’re on Spring Break  #NMM

‘Antidote’ – Preoccupations

Preoccupations are one of the most vibrant post-punk outfits playing music today, and their new single “Antidote” only cements that reputation. Back when they were still releasing music as Viet Cong, (a name they wisely dropped after one album) their trademark sound was a raucous (and awesome) tangle of guitars and apocalyptic barking. Whether you like it or not, though, the 80s have risen from the grave and taken Preoccupations by the throat. There is almost no discernible guitar on “Antidote.” We are instead immersed in a world of pounding drums, gleaming synths, and a whole lot of gloomy parking-garage reverb. If that sounds a little unpalatable… it’s not. It’s exhilarating. It’s a stunning sound world, presided over by Matt Flegel’s thudding bass and ragged vocal melodies. Make no mistake: I miss the guitars. This is a pretty great substitution, though.” – Craig Short

Blood Type – EP‘ – Cautious Clay

“”Blood Type” by Charles Clay is a well-rounded EP slathered in 360 degrees of silky foundations so solid the back of your neck will tingle; his vocals will send that tingle into a chill. Released on February 21st, 2018 “Blood Type” offers five new songs that all highlight Clay’s ability to use his softer voice as a buffer for his accented beats. This entire EP is surrounded in smooth, dream like synthesis of side vocals and enshrouding tones. Breakout songs like “Joshua Tree” highlight Clay’s ability to switch from a typical, gentle rhythm to a splash of intensity and complexity. “Blood Type” will stand out as a stepping stone for soul and should propel Clay into a larger audience as he emerges with new content.” – David Spinrad

Doing Better ‘ – Jamie Isaac

“Jamie Isaac’s latest single “Doing Better”, released on February 8th of this year, breaches away from the raw vocals and deep bass that allowed his previous full-album, Couch Baby, to hit certain emotional depths and mimic a dream like sequence of abstracted memories and beautiful melodies. “Doing Better”, however, rather utilizes smooth vocals laid over synth bass and purposeful pauses to allow a level of anticipation to build by the time the eventual bass drops into a smooth transitional bump. Inclusive of brief jazzy interludes that build on themselves and dissolve into synth, Isaac’s more upbeat single is hopefully an indicator of new music coming our way. ” – Paige Ardill

Volcanic Love‘ – The Aces

My rock music taste generally leans toward male vocalists, but I stumbled upon The Aces when they opened for Joywave in the first leg of their “Thanks. Thanks for Coming Tour,” and I was completely blown away by their talent. Hailing from Utah, The Aces are an all-girl band who are reinventing the female pop-rock after their debut EP, “I Don’t Like Being Honest,” was released in June 2017. Now, The Aces have been releasing more singles, including “Volcanic Love,” which is probably my favorite song thus far (both live and recorded). The song consists of powerful vocals from frontwoman Cristal Ramirez, clashing percussions, and groovy guitar rift that has you nodding your head the whole song long. The song truly gives a great introduction to each of the four girls’ talents. Their full length album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, comes out on April 6, but be sure to follow their frequent single releases.” – Juliette Paige

Culpa, Tengo‘ – Elsa y Elmar

Culpa, Tengo” is the newest single from Colombian artist Elsa y Elmar, in advance of her upcoming 2018 album. This is her first new release since her 2015 album, “Rey.” Elsa’s music so far has been a combination of synth-indie sounds, but this song goes in a more R&B direction. Much like her most popular song from her last album, “Planeando el Tiempo,” there’s an emphasis on a more punctuative beat, a catchy melody and repetitive lyrics. “¿Y yo que culpa tengo?”, which is repeated quite a lot, translates into “What fault do I have?” It’s a song about refusing to take the blame for a relationship that’s falling apart because the other person doesn’t know what they want: “¿Yo que culpa tengo como esperas que me quede, si no sientes lo que yo siento por ti?” / “And what fault do I have, how do you expect me to stay, if you don’t feel what I feel for you?” If you’re looking for a modern Latin artist that’s not one of the usual suspects defaulting to reggaeton (sorry Maluma), Elsa y Elmar is the one. ” – Catu Berretta

Pain Killer (feat. Sky Ferreira)‘ – Iceage

“Iceage has dropped another single, which we now know is in anticipation of their forthcoming album Beyondless. The song is a complete shift in sound from their intense post punk roots. Now the band incorporates warmer production, horns, melodic guitars, and fantastic harmonies with guest singer Sky Ferreira. Pain Killer showcases Iceage at their most developed and dynamic stage yet. The track is catchy and urgent and well worth a listen. If this is the direction of the rest of the album, I am completely sold. In promotion of Beyondless, the band will be embarking from their native land of Denmark for a run of U.S. shows this spring.” – Joey Molloy

‘Set to Attack’ – Albert Hammond, Jr.

“Set to Attack” is the third and latest single from Albert Hammond Jr.’s upcoming album, Francis Trouble. Francis is the name of the Strokes guitarist’s would-be twin brother who unfortunately died from stillbirth months before Albert came into the world. This subject matter is supposedly the central focus of the songwriter’s fourth album. If I had listened to “Set to Attack” blindly, I would have thought it was a Strokes song if it weren’t for the differences between Albert and Julian’s vocals. The instrumentation is very reminiscent of the band’s sound which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it sounds good despite its unoriginality. The lyrics describe a vague, young romance, so I’m not totally sure how this song fits into the album’s theme. I guess I’ll just have to find out when Francis Trouble drops this Friday, the 9th.” – Spencer LaChance

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