Perfect Weather for The Decemberists | Boston Calling 2018

Ops Director Maddie Harris shares some thoughts from day 3 of Boston Calling 2018

The crowd on the third day was a mix of people: those who were prepared vs. those who had to wrap themselves in plastic to avoid the rain. I was the latter. While some chose to just bust arm and head holes through garbage bags, I was gifted a white hooded poncho by a nice Canadian man who probably didn’t know the meaning of a white hood in the United States. It was also a mix of those who were there to see the headliner (Eminem), and those who were there to see literally any other act besides Eminem.

I was freezing. Somehow in less than 24 hours Boston turned from a 90-degree inferno to a 50-degree overcast purgatory. I sought refuge in the arena which housed comedians today. It was the first time in the two years I’ve been to Boston Calling that I had stepped foot in the arena and it seems other people had the same idea. The seats were filled to the brim for even the lesser known comedians. That being said, the weather did not stop everyone from enjoying the day. Nor did it stop some artists from enjoying the performances of their fellow musicians. I anxiously watched as Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes was slowly approached by more and more fans at the end of Dirty Projectors set.

“It also solidified Boston Calling as a true, legitimate festival that deserves hype and recognition nationally.”

If there was one good thing about the abysmal weather it was that it kept people’s behavior in line. No more blatant groping, no more drunken stumbles across the field. In fact, the weather happened to bring people closer together (mostly just to huddle for warmth, but I’m trying to make this more heartwarming). People offered blankets and ponchos, people moved out of the way so the shorter people of the world could see, but also people sang along to The Decemberists, who fully embraced the weather their name evokes. In contrast, Alvvays’ beachy sound helped the festival goers by the red stage forget about the gloomy clouds and feel more as though we were experiencing the late spring weather May 27th usually brings.

Overall, Boston Calling improved from last year. Although the musical lineup from 2017 was a dream come true for me, improved logistics and amenities for 2018 proved that Boston Calling’s transition to Harvard Athletic Complex was the right call. It also solidified Boston Calling as a true, legitimate festival that deserves hype and recognition nationally.

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