The Paper Kites and Wild Rivers bring infectious energy to Paradise Rock Club

The Paper Kites
featuring Wild Rivers

November 27, 2018 at Paradise Rock Club

On the last Tuesday of November, fans braved the cold evening air to see Wild Rivers and The Paper Kites at the Paradise Rock Club. The assortment of college students, middle-aged folks, and everyone in between who made up the audience was a lot rowdier than expected for a Tuesday night, as Devan Glover, singer in Wild Rivers, observed. After opening their set with a few energetic songs to liven up the audience, Wild Rivers jumped into a series of “sad break-up songs” — described as such by singer and guitarist, Khalid Yassein — including ‘Call it a Night’ and ‘Already Gone.’

Wild Rivers. Photo by Kailey Williams for WRBB.

The band had a great stage presence and a very conversational rapport with the audience. They spent time between songs discussing tour gags, anecdotes about song inspiration, and their tour with the Paper Kites coming to an end. I appreciated that they said the names of most of the songs they played, as I could take note of the ones I especially liked for future listening and playlist additions. One such song was newly written, ‘Moving Target,’ which they described as “kinda about long distance, cell service, and stuff like that”. The soothing harmonies and calm instrumentals will make it a great addition to any folk/indie/alternative heartbreak playlist as soon as it is released. ‘Mayday,’ written for singer and guitarist Khalid Yassein’s “best buddy in the world,” was another highlight of their set. It was written about texts sent about that friend’s relationship ending and a Canadian documentary series about plane crashes which the couple had watched together. The song is beautifully serene, despite the chaotic subject and lyrics like “just scream ‘mayday/ we’re going down.’”

The Paper Kites. Photo by Kailey Williams for WRBB.

After the members of Wild Rivers ended their set and helped move their instruments and gear, it was time for The Paper Kites to take the stage. They played all the fan-favorites: ‘Bloom,’ ‘Don’t Keep Driving,’ ‘Woodland,’ and ‘Paint.’ Between songs, lead singer and guitarist Sam Bentley shared his philosophy on songwriting and commented on the abnormal width of the room and the amount of vertical spooning going on. He also gave a shout out to the few single people, including himself. The Melbourne-based band is well known for switching instruments while playing live and for their ethereal, moody sound, and this show delivered on both fronts.

Wild Rivers and The Paper Kites provided an evening of calming folk/indie rock music. The concert came at a busy time, with the number of assignments and projects I had due and the impending finals. It gave me the chance to step away from it all for a couple hours, to get off campus, and to listen to some good music, which was a pleasant way to de-stress.

Photos by Kailey Williams

Wild Rivers

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