COIN maintains high energy during a long set at Paradise Rock Club

featuring Tessa Violet

February 10, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club

On February 10, Paradise Rock Club actually felt like paradise amidst the cold winter of Boston. Long before doors opened to the sold-out show, a line of eager fans waiting to have their hands ‘X’ed in Sharpie stretched around the corner of the venue.

Photo by Juliette Paige for WRBB.

The show opened with Tessa Violet, who became famous from her YouTube videos in 2009 and gained huge traction with her hit single “Crush” in 2018. Along with a guitarist and drummer, Tessa Violet successfully warmed up the audience with her pop-beats and humble story-telling. During a transition into a couple of acoustic songs, she opened up to the audience about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She shared with the audience: “If you ever feel lost or are struggling with mental health, remember that you are important and that you are the first and last you that will ever exist.” While both Tessa Violet and COIN fall into the category of indie-pop, Tessa Violet was a refreshing balance to the high energy that would come from COIN.

Photo by Juliette Paige for WRBB.

Next, Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, and Joe Memmel of COIN stormed the stage to the soundtrack of a venue full of screaming fans. They jumped right into “I Don’t Wanna Dance” off their latest album, How Will You Know If You Never Try. Ironically but appropriately, the entire venue was on their feet dancing. The set was filled with older hits like “Run” and “Growing Pains” off their debut self-titled album, newer singles “Simple Romance” and “I Want It All,” and topped it off with an unreleased song titled “Crash My Car.” Even with their newest single released a few weeks before the concert, the crowd proudly sang back every word to the band.

While the energy was consistently high and the fan-filled crowd enjoyed every song, my main criticism for the show was that the sets dynamic range was minimal. Granted, COIN’s entire discography is generally very similar to one another, filled with fast-paced drumming and guitar riffs. Even with the addition of a stripped-down version of “I Would” and the band’s token slower song, “Malibu 1992,” I kept thinking the concert needed more varying vibes and levels of energy. After all, a show that starts with high energy and maintains high energy is a show that can’t build in dynamics over the 1.5-hour set.

Nevertheless, Chase Lawrence won over the hearts of screaming fans, and the entire band filled the venue with nonstop energy. As COIN and Tessa Violet finish their tour, keep your eyes and ears out for new COIN releases leading up to their next album!

Photos by Juliette Paige

Tessa Violet

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