Meet the NxNU Lineup: Kweku Collins

NxNU, WRBB’s annual Spring concert, is this Friday, April 12! Take a minute to get introduced to Kweku Collins, and we’ll see you at the show.

Kweku Collins will bring a young perspective on life & love to Northeastern. A fresh 21 years old and already making a splash in the industry, Collins is sure to bring joy to the atmosphere on Friday night.

The songwriter/producer/rapper from Evanston, Illinois brings with him musical creativity cultivated within Chicago’s Indie Rap scene. The first testament to his broad musicality is his debut release Say It Here, While It’s Safe, which he released in 2015 just before his high school graduation. This is where Northeastern students and Collins diverge–the past 3 years of his life have seen a steady rise in fame, 2 full-length album releases, & a spot on Pigeons & Planes 20 Rappers under 20 list.
Anticipate uncertainty. To call Collins a rapper is to neglect his hip-hop and soul influences. To say he is from Chicago is to ignore the suburban undertones offered up by tales of late high school nights. But to say Kweku Collins is relatable, well that is simply an understatement.
WRBB is excited to welcome Kweku Collins to Northeastern for 2019 NxNU Friday, April 12th at 7:00pm in Afterhours. (NU only)

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