FINNEAS gives Boston fans an intimate show


October 24, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club

Fresh off a world tour, FINNEAS made things intimate during the final show of his Blood Harmony tour at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The tour came paired with an EP, Blood Harmony, that released October 4th. The project was a sweet taste of FINNEAS’ youthful beats and imaginative lyrics, including some of his most popular singles, “I Lost a Friend” and “Let’s Fall in Love For the Night.” I have been following FINNEAS for awhile, intrigued by the ingenious mind that graced the production of Billie Eilish’s electric sound, and was eagerly awaiting to see what the young artist would pull together once there was a single spotlight on stage.

“I need to tell you, I had someone make me hot tea before this show… as if wearing a white suit wasn’t pretentious enough,” FINNEAS said, giggling, after opening his set with “I Lost a Friend.” His presence was genuine and easy, and he quickly bounced on to his next song, Shelter, as the lights danced in rhythm to the beat. Alone on stage, FINNEAS took command of his space. He floated between the piano and guitar while building some of the song beats live and leaving no doubt about his producing skills.

After “I Don’t Miss You at All” and “New Girl,” the lights dimmed, and FINNEAS sat himself in front of the piano, teasing a few notes before revealing the progression of one of his most endearing songs, “Angel.” The crowd cheered when they recognized it, then quickly resorted to hushed remarks as the soft keys trickled through. Gentle light poured down from the ceiling as the room became one in harmony, graciously singing, “Congratulations, you’ve been pretending to be human / So well / Might even fool the neighbors / Reading your Sunday papers / I won’t tell.”

FINNEAS performs at Paradise Rock Club. Photo by Mckenna Poulos for WRBB.

During one of the interludes, FINNEAS told a story about arriving in Boston and claiming to have never seen people that look so much like criminals, running manically around while kissing and dancing with multiple couture handbags. “If I had written a song about them, it would go like this,” he said, as he began to perform “Partners in Crime. 

The set continued with “Hollywood Forever” and “I’m in Love Without You,” followed by another ballad, “Die Alone.” FINNEAS brought the energy up once again as the lights glowed green during “Claudia.” The crowd burst into head bobs and foot bounces as they enjoyed the 80s-inspired groovy tune. The closing songs started with “Break My Heart Again.” Alone at the piano once again, FINNEAS struggled to be heard as the room sang with him in a wistful tone, “So go ahead and break my heart again / Leave me wonderin’ why the hell I ever let you in.”

Finally, “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” closed out the set. A mix of delight and sorrow filled the room as FINNEAS bowed and said a final thank you to his ‘extended family’ for coming out tonight, gesturing to the crowd and reaching over the barricade to give small hugs and hand-holds to the dedicated fans. It’s in those moments that it’s clear what makes FINNEAS stand out among others. His sincerity extends beyond the thoughtfulness of his words, and shows in his actions and performance throughout the night. Selfishly, I hope for him to continue playing these small shows and giving others the privilege to experience these songs on an intimate level, but it won’t be long until he is headlining a world tour of his own.

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