Double Double Whammy’s 10th anniversary compilation is a refreshing collection of classic indie

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10 Years of Double Double Whammy

Double Double Whammy · November 19, 2021

It’s always a fun process to find new music from acts that are flying under the radar. A record label by the name of Double Double Whammy just released a compilation with all of their signed artists for their ten-year anniversary. Hailing from SUNY Purchase, a liberal arts college in New York, Double Double Whammy is an independent group with some very obscure acts.

This compilation features artists all across the relevance scale, some with popular Tik-Tok sounds and sold-out tours, and some with less than 500 monthly listeners on Spotify. Popularity, however, is never a good measure for music quality. I discovered some very new artists (to me, at least). Some songs like “Gum in Hair” by The Glow and “No Backpack” by Gemma were fun ditties that would probably suit a relaxing study session. Other than that, after listening to the first two tracks of the album, I became very accustomed to this label’s style.

One of the bands, LVL UP, decided to start their own label in 2011 after the release of their debut album “Space Brothers.” This piece of work set up the indie rock style that the future of the label would pick up. The interesting thing about all of the acts is that they are all peers or mutuals with the band members in the greater NYC area. Pitchfork described LVL UP as “hav[ing a] compiled body of peers who also excel at homespun guitar-gaze grandeur”.

The label has some very “true-to-the-brand indie” artists that will definitely wiggle their way onto Spotify playlists showcasing indie acts. Their sound is very palatable to anyone wanting to scratch that indie itch in their ear. The music on this record has the perfect mixture of a major indie feel with minor touches of pop or rock.

The compilation has a definite flavor of spiky guitar riffs and laid-back vocals, with some hints of pop sprinkled in for good measure. From what I picked up, each song on this album was each artist’s essence in just one song made for this album. It’s easy to recognize these as indie artists upon first listening. Each of the artists has their distinct opening guitar strums and the muffled voices of these songs are very familiar.

Even if the music is predictable, it’s always a nice touch to hear the translucent nature of each artist on this record. Each artist is their own musician, vocalist, and producer, putting their skills on full display. This is refreshing, considering that many popular artists today have extensive production teams. 

While it’s hard to pinpoint the origin of guitar-clad indie ballads, this band and its associate acts under it were definitely there before its recent popularity. To their credit, they have produced some cult favorites like Frankie Cosmos, Lomelda, and even Mitski — until 2014. Mitski was probably their most unique sounding act, and signed under them because of their common trait of being SUNY graduates. However, she was not featured on this compilation.

Overall, this compilation is something I wouldn’t listen to over and over, but it would be something to keep in your Spotify library in case you want to listen to something different on your regularly scheduled walk or car ride. I’d recommend this compilation to anyone wanting to add more indie artists into their music portfolio. 

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