Lucky Daye delivers an electrifying set at Royale

Lucky Daye

April 19, 2022 at Royale

A long line of cold and excited fans, seemingly surrounded by clouds of smoke, wrapped around the side of the Royale, anxiously waiting for the doors to open. Up the elegant stone double staircase inside, a dim lit intimate hall soon filled with a crowd buzzing with anticipation. After what felt like years of suspense, Lucky Daye erupted onto stage. High-pitched screams throughout the crowd shattered the air of the Royale. Dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a wife-beater underneath, and his signature hoop earrings paired with a thick silver chain, Lucky came prepared to give all of his energy to the crowd, as he belted out his hit “Late Night” from his album Painted

Photo: Sabrina Ruiz

As his set progressed, Lucky did an incredible job engaging with the crowd, incorporating fans into his performance as he sang. Lucky’s vocals were impeccable, matching each song perfectly with no Auto-Tune, and went above and beyond the original vocals on almost every track. His band consisted of equally talented musicians, with a live drummer, guitarist, and key-tar player (an electric keyboard in the shape of a guitar). Throughout the set, each band member ripped into immaculate solos, filling the room with piercing electric rhythms. Lucky took the time to introduce the band, and called for a big applause for them from the crowd. Lucky performed several tracks from his new album Candydrip, and slowly stripped off his tank top before throwing it into the screaming crowd — the spitting image of his album cover. 

Towards the end of the show, Lucky brought two girls onto stage, dancing with them while singing “Feels Like” off of Candydrip. They swayed next to him while he eased into the falsetto notes of the chorus. The crowd screamed the lyrics, “We can’t get stuck in the color of lust, don’t it feel like love.” A quick key change shifted Lucky from nailing high notes to effortlessly dipping into his deeper register for the rap verses at the end of the song. 

Photo: Sabrina Ruiz

As Lucky announced he would be singing the last song of the night, he lit a joint and the crowd roared with approval. Lucky gave everything he had in him on the last track, dripping sweat as he abruptly ran off stage. The crowd cheered for more, reignited by his high energy. The Royale filled with an all-encompassing chant of “encore, encore,” ushering the band and Lucky back onto the stage. The encore was even better than the last hour of smooth vocals, guitar solos, and pure talent, as Lucky brought a couple onto stage. He sang “Love You Too Much” with the couple, warming the hearts of the entire crowd. The young couple sang with Lucky on stage for everyone, inciting cheers and shouts of support throughout the venue. For the final, final track Lucky erupted with his fan favorite “Over,” another smash hit from his recent album Candydrip. Everyone in the audience could be seen belting out the lyrics, “you keep doin’ it over and over,” bringing the energy of the crowd to an all time high. As the song came to an end, the band rode out the rhythm of the track with ecstatic guitar soloing, finally closing out the show. The crowd slowly filed out, not wanting the electrifying night to end. 

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