Kelsey Blackstone shines on her latest single “Alice”

“Alice” immediately engages listeners with its uplifting sound – chirping birds and bright guitar melodies that fill a room.

Kelsey Blackstone is well on her way to achieving unimaginable heights in her career as a singer-songwriter, and she’s determined to not back down from the spotlight. From performing with a full band to co-founding the Hug the Tree Livestream Series, she has definitely made her mark on Boston’s local music scene. On April 29, Blackstone was full of energy at The Tourist Trap while introducing her latest single, “Alice.” Every moment, including a surprise saxophone solo, excited the crowd as they sang and danced along to the song. Undoubtedly, Blackstone added personality to her set, demonstrating her remarkable stage presence similar to genre-bending bands like Melt and Lawrence

“Alice” immediately engages listeners with its uplifting sound – chirping birds and bright guitar melodies that fill a room. Blackstone’s vocals stand out throughout the track without overpowering the intricate piano parts or the heavier bass and drum tones. She partnered up with musician Garrett Goodwin for the release, and the result is a song that Blackstone has said to be about “80% improvisation.” They’re both partly inspired by artists like Dave Matthews Band that fuse multiple music genres, which is apparent through the playfulness of the track’s lyrics and instrumentals. The pre-chorus is witty, especially the lyric “Into the rabbit hole I fell / And baby I can’t tell / Which way is up, which way is down / I don’t know how to get around,” an ode to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” 

Blackstone’s own adventures are reflected within the lyrics of “Alice.” It’s a song that describes her feelings of not knowing which direction to turn to. She found herself asking for guidance, which eventually sparked inspiration through the songwriting process. “Into this world you never knew / I’m just so damn confused” is a line that relates back to the well-known classic while honoring Blackstone’s personal perspective. Meanwhile, the song remains upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. It’s a hidden gem that future fans have yet to discover, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Kelsey Blackstone’s “Alice” receives more attention later this year. 

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