The 1975 brings the yearning

The 1975

Being Funny in a Foreign Language

Dirty Hit · October 14, 2022

British band The 1975 always seems to mix the cynical with the pleasant. Lead vocalist Matthew Healy craves and yearns for love. The album lasts a short 44 minutes compared to their previous albums that tend to push over an hour. With this new wave, the band dives into their electric guitars, saxophones, and surprises. On Being Funny in a Foreign Language, Healy is feeling rebellious like Rimbaud. 

The album —produced entirely by Grammy award-winning producer Jack Antonoff— starts with lively, bright keys in a staggered rhythm. The opening track is worth the filled with numerous phases introducing the complex themes of love, loss, and global crisis to come. Healy yearns throughout the album and looks back at his years so far. “Happiness.” samples one of Healy’s past interviews, and like most of the album, thrives on repetition. The lyrics “I’m never gonna love again” create a paradox within the song and serve as a symbol of love and loss.  The statement repeated numerous times in the song talks about all the good in his relationship and shifts to sulking about never loving again because he has lost this relationship. This track is full of naivety and hints of young love – Healy is head over heels and he’s falling somewhere. In the song “Oh Caroline”, he begs to get back with a girl (you can probably guess her name). According to Healy, “It couldn’t be ‘Oh Linda’ or ‘Oh Jane’ — you had to have a three-syllable that really works.” 

“All I Need to Hear” is a perfect love ballad and transitions from the funkiness of the other songs. Perhaps it’s the pre-after party to the four-song finale of the album. Once again, Healy yearns — but the song is so soulful, yearning is inevitable. If “Human Too” is about empathy, then I’m an empath after listening to this track, and The 1975 is on its way to creating many more empaths. We’re all human… We have our flaws and our different and common lived experiences. This is the point which Healy easily gets with his soulfulness, deserving snaps throughout the song. 

Lastly, although more pop than their past albums, The 1975 stay true to what they do best — jazzy riffs and stellar sax solos lovesick lyrics. Some of the songs like “Look For Somebody (To Love)” seem out of place in the album and the lyrics feel dark— too dark even for the 1975. Despite this, this album is a strong contender for one of the best of the year. Each song is arguably worthy of being a hit. 

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