Community Connections #4: January

Interviews, writing, and photos by Annika Eske, Nasset Derilhomme, and Bela Omoeva.

On January 24th, WRBB asked people in Curry Student Center which music artists they believe deserve more attention. Some people shouted quick recommendations to us as they passed, but others stopped to chat and explain to us why their chosen music artist needs more recognition. So, expand your horizons and check out all the music that was recommended to us (compiled in this playlist), and read on to learn more about some of these hidden gems in music. 

Sawyer thinks DEBBY FRIDAY deserves more attention, especially while the artist navigates a complete 180 in terms of genre.

Sawyer explained to us that artist DEBBY FRIDAY just recently released a new single, “SO HARD TO TELL.” When asked what it is that he likes about the music, Sawyer began, “I really like the vibe.” He thinks that DEBBY FRIDAY’s new genre direction warrants some recognition. “It’s a big departure from everything else she’s done.” Sawyer explained that DEBBIE FRIDAY used to have a more industrial, experimental rap sound. However, with her recent single she seems to be testing the water in the R&B genre. Sawyer told us that the artist recently got signed to a new record deal, and that he would highly recommend her music.

We were so distracted by this student’s great recommendations, that we forgot to ask for their name. We’ll refer to this lovely human as Anon. 

Anon had a few underrated-artist recommendations for us. First, they recommended the single “MY COLOR” by Perfume. Then, they recommended the artist Nicole Dollanganger. When asked which of Dollanganger’s songs they would recommend, Anon replied, “All of them.” Now having listened to some of Nicole Dollanganger’s discography ourselves, we can’t help but agree. Dollanganger’s music has the uniquely haunting and ethereal quality of a fairytale. Finally, Anon told WRBB that GFOTY (Girlfriend of the Year) is another artist deserving of more attention. GFOTY’s music is, in Anon’s words, “not nuanced” and “blunt” to the point of almost sounding ridiculous.

“Do you really want to hold the coffee?” Srinikhil’s friend asked him dubiously. Nonetheless, Srinikhil insisted on hanging on to his caffeine for the picture.

Srinikhil would recommend singer-songwriter Andy Grammer, best known for his song “Honey, I’m Good.” Srinikhil finds that Grammar’s music is relatable for young people but that he is an underrated analytical writer. “Not many people like to listen to the lyrics,” Srinikhil noted. Specifically, he recommended Grammer’s song, “Smoke Clears,” as well as “House of Memories,” off of Panic! At The Disco’s 2016 album Death of a Bachelor.

Ella stopped by to recommend an underrated dreampop band.

Ella thinks that the dreampop band You’ll Never Get to Heaven is severely undervalued. She likes the band because their music serves as a calming ambience to sleep to but is also fitting for the cold and quiet winter weather. Ella also finds that You’ll Never Get to Heaven makes music that is perfect for studying to. In sum, she told us, “I like the sound that they create.” Check out Ella’s review of Iggy Pop’s new album here!

Yash thinks we could all use a good dose of R&B.

Yash told WRBB that Chris Brown’s music is underrated, in his opinion. Although Chris Brown still tops the charts and is a household name in the world of dance, Yash observed that Chris Brown’s following ebbed after his domestic abuse case. Yet, Yash explained that he can still appreciate Brown’s art and is a big fan of R&B, including Chris Brown’s music. In particular, Yash likes the way R&B helps people to slow down, and he would recommend, “Under the Influence,” one of Brown’s more popular tracks off of the Indigo album.

Autumn insisted on taking her picture holding WRBB’s Kermit-playing-the-banjo sticker. “Tell me he doesn’t look like me!” Autumn laughed.

“Easy: Noah Kahan.” Autumn didn’t have to think before telling us which artist she believes deserves more listens. She would recommend the songs, “All My Love” and “Maine,” in particular. When asked how she discovered the music artist, Autumn told us that she first heard Noah Kahan while on a hiking trip with the Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club, NUHOC. “In a trip up to the lodge, they were playing it,” she explained. Autumn told us that the folks over at NUHOC play a lot of indie folk music, fitting for their drives up into the mountains. When we asked Autumn what she personally likes about Noah Kahan, she said that she not only associates his music with the outdoors, but that she also finds his music to be “soul-y and comforting.” Autumn left us with two take-home messages: listen to more Noah Kahan and make more Kermit stickers.

Olivia told us about a music artist that has been signing big deals with video game companies lately. 

Olivia came by and told us about AURORA, a Norwegian new wave artist. AURORA has gained popularity in recent years, as she provided vocals for the song “Into the Unknown” in Frozen II, as well as having her song “Hunting Shadows-Assassin’s Creed” featured in the live-action trailer for the 15th anniversary celebration of the gaming franchise. Olivia told us that her favorite song from AURORA is “Blood In The Wine.” When Olivia saw AURORA live at a concert in Madrid, she says that the turnout more than doubled expectations – hinting that perhaps we can expect even more from this emerging artist!

Andrew pulled up with not one, but two artists that he felt deserved more recognition. 

Andrew first introduced us to Courting, an electronic rock band based in Liverpool, UK. Andrew feels that their newest album Guitar Music is a culmination of the genres hyperpop and British post-punk, which is – as Andrew claims – “in” on Tiktok right now. Unfortunately, however, he feels that the album hasn’t gotten the consideration that it deserves in discussions for the best albums of 2022. His favorite song off of the record is “Uncanny Valley Forever.” Andrew also told us about a Japanese band called Betcover!!, which he discovered on Bandcamp through a random recommendation from his friend. When asked how he would describe the vibes of Betcover!!, Andrew told us their music feels something like this: “You’re sitting in a coffee shop in a corner by yourself, got a very fancy fit on, but you’ve also had way too much caffeine, and you’re just like speeding through your work.” We couldn’t word it better if we tried.

Mary Raines thinks the British band Wolf Alice could use some more attention, and asked us to use their Blue Weekend album cover as her photo.

For Mary Raines, the British band Wolf Alice is a hidden gem. She told us that the band toured with Harry Styles, yet we all agreed that openers don’t always get the love they deserve. While describing Wolf Alice’s music, Mary Raines discussed how the band could easily maneuver between slow piano ballads and screaming punk songs. She agreed with us that the band’s sound encompasses adjectives like “witchy” and “powerful,” and added that the band often takes on a “90s-esque” sound. However, Mary Raines ultimately concluded that the band is “genreless.” Her favorite song of theirs is the beautiful and immersive, “Lipstick on the Glass,” but she would also recommend “Play the Greatest Hits” (a track which *demands* at least some amount of head-banging).

Yet another anonymous recommendation! We didn’t get the chance to jot down their name, but we’ll refer to this wonderful human as Anon2 (because creativity, who?).

Anon2 recommended some exciting artists that have been glossed over for too long. First, they suggested that we give the rapper Avenue a listen – especially the track “Bob the Chefs.” Anon2 also suggested some exciting local hip-hop artists with us. He emphasized the track “Movin’ On Up Interlude,” by FUNERAL Ant Bell. Anon2 also highly recommended local Boston music artist Nay $peaks. Although still young, Nay $peaks raps with lyricism beyond her years and a strong sense of passion and love. Not to mention, the young music artist is already gaining traction in the local Boston hip-hop scene. Specifically, Anon2 would recommend “18,” and “Everything is Beautiful.”

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