Bad Suns Releases Sophomore Album “Disappear Here”

by Jillian Fliedner

Bad Suns Releases Sophomore Album “Disappear Here”

Bad Suns’ sophomore album, Disappear Here, was released September 16th, and it is definitely an album that can be listened to over and over again (which I totally have been doing). The album makes you question what decade the album was really released in, with both its 90s and modern vibe.

Despite all of the songs having a pretty simple and similar structure, Christo’s vocals and lyrics are able to make each song different. Bad Suns has a real knack for making some insanely catchy choruses, which allows for each song to be able to stand on its own. The lyrics are introspective in a way that’s both hopeful and depressing in a sort of charming way. And Christo’s vocal range makes each song versatile, so the album doesn’t overstay its welcome too easily. Songs like “You Wear Your Love Like Revenge”, “Maybe We’re Meant to be Alone”, and “Outskirts of Paradise”, are worth putting on an endless loop. Each chorus and bridge is likely to stick with you for days.

This album has been an album the band has always dreamed of making, which puts a lot of pressure on its quality. Thankfully, it’s absolutely beautiful, and I can see why it has been their dream to make it. The album is worth at least a listen and then more. The band will be here in Boston on November 3rd playing a show Brighton Music Hall.

-Jillian F.