David Bowie’s Fight

by Ingrid Angulo

David Bowie’s Fight

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Join us in remembering and acknowledging some of our favorite artists that have been affected by cancer.

Few artists have reached or will ever reach the status and influence of legendary icon David Bowie. His entire existence was one full of innovation and boundary-pushing. He never chained himself to one music style, instead constantly reinventing his music and fashion style to keep audiences guessing, even recording a soundtrack for Labyrinth and going on to star in the film. Bowie smashed traditional gender roles and redefined what it means to be a star. Two days after the release of his final album Blackstar, Bowie passed away after a battle with an aggressive liver cancer. He was diagnosed 18 months prior, but kept the illness secret and continued work on the album that would become his final parting gift. The news of his death shook the world, but the magic surrounding him never faded. It was almost as if he’d predicted his own death with the release of the ‘Lazarus’ music video three days prior to his passing. The beauty in the haunting ‘Lazarus’ video is in Bowie’s ability to humanize an idol and portray weakness through art. Keeping the facade of health up for a year and a half requires strength, but portraying the reality of what it’s like to face death is even harder. We’ll always remember Bowie for his art and genius, but we can’t forget that in the end he’s human. He’s gone on to show the world that while no one lives forever, art and legacies do.

Why Relay?

As one of Northeastern’s largest philanthropic events, we are helping raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society at Northeastern’s Relay for Life on March 22, 2019. Our team of staff, DJs, writers, and music lovers, will be relaying and hosting a live radiothon over the air to remember and acknowledge those who have been affected by cancer. Help us reach our goal for this year and please consider donating. Your donation is hard at work funding cancer research to helping someone with their medical fees—every penny counts and means the world to people affected by cancer.