Cherub @ Paradise Rock Club

by Liam Morgan

Cherub @ Paradise Rock Club


March 2, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club

While in some parts of the country March can be synonymous with the start of spring, Boston is still enduring the insufferable winter. Given the cold, the electro-indie duo Cherub was the perfect band to lift people’s spirits. The energetic act warmed up Paradise Rock Club on March 1st with a set list that made the audience question whether or not they were at a concert venue or a house party. Throughout the concert, Cherub certainly had no shortage of high-energy music to captivate the audience.

Formed in Nashville in 2010, Cherub consists of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber. Both passionate about music production, the pair decided to combine their skills and release free music. Cherubs popularity really began to grow as word of their electrifying live performances spread. Without any label promotion, Cherubs key to success stemmed from their ability to put on a captivating and vibrant show that. Their electronic-indie music not only forces you to dance, but has melodies that stay in your head for days. In 2014, the pair finally got their first well-deserved hit with Doses and Mimosas. The track, with thumping beats and comical lyrics, is arguably still a favorite for many. If played at a party it is more than likely to end in a sing along.

Paradise Rock Club in Boston is arguably my favorite venue to see artists in an intimate setting while still offering the benefits of a large music hall. This type of space is where Cherub thrives. The closeness of the music hall offers the intimacy needed to connect with the audience. It seemed as if every person in the crowd was a die-hard Cherub fan, creating an energy that only made the performance that much more enjoyable. The duo opened with the fan favorite “Chocolate Strawberries.” The subtle synth lines slowly but surely intensified into the break down and had nearly every soul in the crowd jumping just one song in to the concert. Each song played had an intense energy. Seeing them a second time not only reassured my dedication as a fan, but also earned them a lot of artistic respect for there consistently animated live performances. The pair are simply masters at producing their music, both in recordings and live performances.. They used their musical skill to truly give the audience an experience that was irreplaceable.

Surprisingly, the duo never lost their spark throughout the entire concert, churning out all of their hits, including “XOXO” and “<3,” while still incorporating their new releases. Cherub has slowly been releasing new music since the end of 2018 rather than releasing a full-length LP. Their new music has evolved, but never lost the original charm of their early hits and is still as danceable as ever. If you haven’t seen Cherub, add them to your must-see concert list ASAP.