“Easier” by Mansionair – Single Review

by Juliette Paige

“Easier” by Mansionair – Single Review

Mansionair bring an unexpected twist to indie-alt; supplying a tumultuous but contemplative take on the genre.

I came across Mansionair on a Spotify discovery playlist and was instantly captured by their unique sound and vibe. It was an unexpected change in pace from most of the other alternative tracks on the playlist because they aren’t afraid to slow things down and be more introspective.

Mansionair is an Australian alt/synth trio that has been making a name for themselves from their five released singles. Hailing from Sydney, the trio have opened for CHVRCHES, Foals, Alt J, and Broods since the release of their hit single, “Hold Me Down”, in 2015. Led by the beautiful and raw falsetto of frontman Jack Froggart, their sound can single-handedly set contemplative mood to any atmosphere.

Their latest release, “Easier”, offers a new take on synth/alt beats by slowing down the tempo and focusing on meaningful lyrics. When I found the original release of the track on Spotify, I wasn’t expecting a track that would take me on an emotional rollercoaster; the lyrics are extremely thoughtful and articulated the internal battle of being in your own skin, questioning where there is to go in life. Froggart’s hook, “Tell me it gets easier / that I’ll figure it out,” captivates the listener while posing the rhetorical question of whether things in life will ever change.

23-year-old electronic composer Electric Mantis, most known for his viral hit “Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops,” recently released a remix of “Easier” that adds another dimension of texture that makes Froggart’s falsetto even more ethereal. If there was a sound that perfectly describes the deepness and turmoil in the head of a conflicted and struggling human being, Electric Mantis has found it (or invented it) and applied it beautifully to the track. While the track explores deep emotions and rather somber concepts, the remix ends with a beautiful piano loop that leaves the track on a hopeful note. This perfectly complements the meaning of the song because the band does try to provide hope to its listeners.

Keep an eye out for Mansionair, and give “Easier” a listen when you’re in the mood… hopefully it’ll make it easier to wait for their debut album!

Listen to “Easier” here: