FIDLAR gives their all at Paradise Rock Club

by Dominic Yamarone

FIDLAR gives their all at Paradise Rock Club


September 14, 2018 at Paradise Rock Club

On a cool Friday night in the early days of September, Los Angeles based punk rockers FIDLAR took the stage at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. The crowd was ecstatic, this is what they had been waiting for. The energy in the room exploded with applause and cheering. For a moment it got quiet, but as soon as the bass kicked in on the intro to “Alcohol” the crowd lost it. They were moshing, screaming along to the song that’s only been out for five months. The energy didn’t subside at all with the next few songs. “Alcohol” was followed up with “No Waves,” “Stoked and Broke,” and “40 oz. On Repeat” all fan favorites that the crowd went crazy for.

With their new album expected to drop in 2018, FIDLAR has been using this tour to try out new music. They played three new songs, including the fresh single, “Are You High?” With most of the crowd wearing FIDLAR shirts, some homemade and others merch from past shows, it was clear that most of the audience were fans. They knew these songs like they had been out for years. The band did their part to keep the crowd involved, stopping before playing “Are You High?” to set up a girls-only mosh pit. It was a unique move, prefaced with a shout out to the #MeToo movement and a reminder to be respectful. It goes to show that even punks know sexual harassment isn’t cool.

They kept their set lively by playing upbeat crowd favorites like “Drone” and “West Coast,” both off their second album, Too. Fan after fan went over the security barricade after being pulled out for crowd surfing. The atmosphere was unlike any other band I’d seen in Boston, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. The crowd kept moshing and dancing away until their very last song of the set. They finished off the night with their breakout hit, “Cheap Beer.” This song is so iconic for them that most of their merch is based off the “Cheap Beer” cover art. It’s got a chorus that’s unforgettably catchy and extremely relatable to all the college kids in Boston. Unfortunately, they only had time to do a one song encore. So, after explaining that they had to make it quick, they dove right into playing “Wake Bake Skate.” This song is the shortest in their catalog, but it’s also the first song on their very first EP, diydui. Completely exhausted from the show, fans slowly streamed out of the Paradise into the refreshingly cool Boston night. Everyone coming off the floor was drenched in sweat. Everyone had given it their all, from the bands to the audience, and they were all ready to call it a night.

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