First Impressions: Cherry Glazerr’s sophomore LP, “Apocalipstick”

by Dominic Yamarone

First Impressions: Cherry Glazerr’s sophomore LP, “Apocalipstick”

Cherry Glazerr

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First Impressions: Cherry Glazerr’s sophomore LP, “Apocalipstick”
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Dominic Yamarone gives us his take on the band’s upcoming release via Secretly Canadian

Cherry Glazerr’s sophomore album, Apocalipstick, is a masterpiece of the modern DIY rock scene. Much more solid and put together than their debut release, Haxel Princess, this album will have you banging your head and dancing along to each and every track. While still rough around the edges–driven by distortion heavy lead guitar and pounding drums– songs like “Told You I’d Be With The Guys” and “Lucid Dreams” will be stuck in your head all day with their catchy lyrics and riffs. What makes this album so punk is its message; like all rock classics, the music on this album has something to say about society and it’s hardly ever praise.

Cherry Glazerr founder and frontwoman, Clementine Creevy, is only 19. At 17, she put out her first album on one of Southern California’s most prolific indie labels, Burger Records, and her writing has only gotten better and bolder. This aptly named record talks about the place of women, and specifically young women, in today’s society. “Trash People” offers no apologies for not being what would typically considered lady-like and instead Clementine confidently embraces these “trashy” qualities. The album’s second single, “Nurse Ratched”, is an aggressive, power ballad about a bad ass heroine. Between fuzzy guitar riffs and wailing vocals, this track creates a strong powerful female character–all with about two lines repeated throughout the song. “Only Kid on the Block” is another tune with a heavier tone and message, where here it’s slower and more droning while talking about personal insecurities.

However, this album is far from being just about the message. Musically, this album is near flawless. Playing with new drummer, Tabor Allen, and keyboardist, Sasami Ashworth, their sound is fuller and more mature than their previous album, as Clementine’s guitar playing is sharp and her transitions are smooth. On “Sip O’ Poison”, the synth and guitar play a duet in a perfect harmony, taking more of the melody than the vocals do. Working with the producers Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, The Shins) and Carlos de la Garza (M83, Tegan and Sara), the songs sound polished and refined.

The songs “Moon Dust” and “Humble Pro” are fast-paced, distorted, and so much fun to listen too, as they feel both hardcore and lighthearted. “Humble Pro” lists off Mexican dishes with a killer rhythm, surely a shout out to Cherry Glazerr’s native Southern California. Powerful rock songs like “Instagratification” and “Nuclear Bomb” fill out the album, making sure that there is never a dull moment. The title track, “Apocalipstick”, finishes off the album with two full minutes of shredding on a guitar with low fi droning synths and crashing drums, reminding you (just in case you forgot) that this album kicks ass.
Though the year has only just started, I could easily see this being one of the best releases. It hits all the marks that a punk rock album should. It feels energetic, lively, and fun in an otherwise dreary music scene.

Apocalipstick is out 1/20