Kali Uchis wishes you roses

by Olivia Mintz

Kali Uchis wishes you roses

Almost three years following her second studio album, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞, Kali Uchis is back again with some new music. Though she has released some singles prior to her album’s rollout like “Desafinado” for the movie Minions: Rise of Gru and “No Hay Ley” in September, Kali is finally releasing a full project of her own.

The lead single, “I Wish You Roses,” is the introduction to her new album Red Moon in Venus, set to release on March 3. Already, it has fans captivated by her artistry, showcasing a venture into R&B. This seductive track details Uchis expressing the idea that she is leaving someone, but on good terms.

“This song is about being able to release people with love. It could be a friend, a lover, or someone else, but the point is to celebrate releasing people from your life without being resentful or bitter,” said Uchis in a press release. This theme is beautifully demonstrated throughout the song, using the symbolism of flowers and natural elements. For example, she compares herself to a “rose in a garden of weeds” and saying that her love for her person is “as deep as the ocean.” She wishes that this person (whoever it may be) is well and has no intentions of harming them in the future.

As letting someone go is a natural event, the comparisons to nature are cleverly incorporated into the song’s meaning. Though a relationship has ended, Uchis in her lyrics shows that there still is love for this person.

Kali Uchis also showcases her ability to switch between multiple genres of music. The beat throughout the entire song is steady and relaxing, but slows down at the end to create an angelic feeling from the ethereal vocals all around.

Even though “I Wish You Roses” is the only content we have of Kali Uchis’s new musical era, it’s a promising representation of how her sound is evolving with everything she releases.