Lowertown and Wet Leg bring a new breed of indie to Paradise Rock Club

by Sabrina Ruiz

Lowertown and Wet Leg bring a new breed of indie to Paradise Rock Club

Wet Leg

March 7, 2022 at Paradise Rock Club

After a long Monday, the crowd waited in anticipation to start the week by being swept off their feet at the Paradise Rock Club. It would feel like an eternity before the show lights dimmed, and the opening duo took their positions on stage. They had chosen casual outfits for the show, with the woman of the duo pairing a lacy top with a long skirt, whilst adding extra flair with an intense makeup look, and the dude with a graphic tee and oversized flannel hanging off his shoulder. Introducing themselves as Lowertown, Olivia Osby and Avsha Weinberg began the night with their most popular tune, “Best Person You Know.” What made their setlist stand out was the range of unorthodox topics. In “My Dog,” Olivia sang about how her dog Randy is always by her side, and in “Debris,” she mulled over the weight unsuppressed memories bring. Avsha took a moment to thank the audience for being there for Lowertown’s first time performing in Boston, though he was born in the city.

While they initially had a shy stage presence, the duo began to warm up to the supportive crowd. By the time they reached “Sunburnt,” their chemistry was evident, as the two danced in time to the drums and guitar notes pinging the air. Now fully grabbing the crowd’s attention, they smoothly glided into “Alone Again My Friend,” a weighty track bemoaning the isolating feelings quarantine had brought last year. The two leaned into each other as they played their guitars, soaking in the beautiful blend of the instruments and cheering.

The quirky, personalized lyrics give off what indie rock should be about: energetic vibrations and writing about everything and anything from the heart. With Olivia’s soft-but-with-an-edge voice lacing with Ashta’s baritone vocals, each song had something new to bring to the table. The crowd was already cheering for one more song during intermission (although they sadly didn’t do one), marking a promising start for the young duo and their career.

Lowertown and Wet Leg bring a new breed of indie to Paradise Rock Club

Hester Chambers of Wet Leg. Photo: Sabrina Ruiz

After a wait nearly twice as long as the first intermission, Hester Chambers and Rhian Teasdale of Wet Leg bounded onto the stage. The crowd could feel the drums beating in their chests as they moved to “Wet Dream,” and then “Chaise Dream,” Wet Leg’s top songs. They provided a cheeky, refreshing sound with lyrics teasing intimacy and desire. Hester and Rhian twirled in circles as they played their guitars, huge smiles prominent on their faces the entire time at the simple joy of being there.

Lowertown and Wet Leg bring a new breed of indie to Paradise Rock Club

Rhian Teasdale of Wet Leg. Photo: Sabrina Ruiz

While their stage presence was buoyant and high-spirited, they were very quiet when directly addressing the audience, making it difficult to hear them at times. The tune briefly shifted to a more mellow and surreal atmosphere halfway through during “Obvious,” as the keyboard with alienating, spiraling sound effects complemented Rhian’s singing. “Oh No” and “Angelica” kicked the energy right back up again, and it was contagious, as the crowd furiously moved their heads in time to the rhythm. Wet Leg continued to reflect off the theme of a humorous, flirty attitude, and nobody was complaining. Overall, the night was a success as people took the edge off by grooving to new age, zestful indie music — a breakthrough is only to be expected within the next few years from these dynamic duos.