Mac DeMarco announces This Old Dog, shares “My Old Man” and “This Old Dog”

by Shannon O'Dwyer

Mac DeMarco announces This Old Dog, shares “My Old Man” and “This Old Dog”

Mac is back with a renewed sound and outlook on life, as he shares two songs of his next release, This Old Dog.

Ever since 2009, when Mac DeMarco broke out into the music scene by selling out his 500 copies of the self-produced album, Heat Wave, DeMarco has found a niche of lazy vibes and folk rock. The artist’s unique style built a fanbase that has set DeMarco to many major music festivals and international tours in the next coming months. And, after a sneaky instagram captioned in December, “Just finished #Mixin the new #disc, Time for some #champers,” DeMarco officially announced the release of his next album on January 31. Titled This Old Dog, the release date is set for May 5th– but two tracks off the album have been released with the announcement.

DeMarco’s goal of popping some “#champers” has been fully achieved. The first track, “My Old Man”, breaths a more mature vibe than many of Mac’s previous releases. DeMarco has always written his lyrics based on lofty thoughts and reflection. In one of his most popular lyrics from the track “Salad Days,” Demarco claims that he’s “acting like my life’s already over”, conveying a careless, youthful state of mind. “My Old Man” develops from Mac’s previous works by maturing much like we all have over the years, as he moves on from having to “act your age” from Salad Days to realizing that “there’s a price tag to having all that fun” in his new release. Musically, “My Old Man” uses mainly acoustic guitar and light percussion. These musical substances support the wiseness of the track, leading DeMarco down a simpler path. The next release is the title track of the upcoming album, “This Old Dog”. With its cliché title, DeMarco refers to himself as the old dog, portraying how his state of mind in this new album has grown to the point where he has full on old-man status and he can joke about his age. Like the previous, “This Old Dog” focuses on acoustic guitar, few light synths, and a steady baseline to depict DeMarco’s lazy atmosphere combined with his simpler and developed voice.

Mac’s growing up, and we’re all on board.

Listen to “My Old Man” and “This Old Dog” here:

This Old Dog is out via Captured Tracks on May 5th, 2017