Meet the NxNU Lineup: Michael Christmas

by Paige Ardill

Meet the NxNU Lineup: Michael Christmas

NxNU, WRBB’s annual Spring concert, is this Friday, April 12! Take a minute to get introduced to Michael Christmas, and we’ll see you at the show.

And on the twelfth day of April, we received Michael Christmas – a Roxbury native putting Boston’s hip-hop scene on the map. After the drop of his debut mixtape Is This Art? in 2014, Christmas began making waves up and down the east coast, gaining online traction and eventually landing a spot on Logic’s 2015 ‘The Under Pressure Tour.’

In 2015, he dropped his second project What A Weird Day featuring D.R.A.M and Mac Miller. In 2017, Christmas entered the tour bracket, being named one of the ‘Best Of The Tiny Fonts’ by Consequence Of Sound (alongside Kweku Collins) following his Lollapalooza performance. He even became the voice for Burger King’s Jalapeno Chicken Fries. Christmas’ latest album Role Model, featuring Domo Genesis, Cousin Stizz and Tobi Lou (to name a few), dropped just months after signing with Fool’s Gold Records. Merging his musical proficiency with his adept wit, Christmas creates an album that is unseriously sincere, and head-bangingly heartwarming.

Want to hear more from Michael Christmas? Join WRBB at NxNU with Kweku Collins and Michael Christmas on Friday, April 12th at 7:00pm in Afterhours. (NU only)