Men I Trust make it melancholy in “Girl”

by Steph Ware

Men I Trust make it melancholy in “Girl”

Men I Trust


Independent · October 11, 2022

Melancholy — the feeling that autumn always seems to bring with it — oozes from Men I Trust’s latest single, “Girl.” Although I have never seen Twilight, this song gives off some of the same vibes. Starting with a calm, soft percussion that continues throughout the song, some unexpected voices sing on this new single. The band consists of Emma Proulx (the lead singer), Jessy Caron, and Dragos Chiriac. On Instagram, Proulx mentioned, “I don’t have a miraculously huge range, Jessy and Dragos also sing this song.” Caron and Chiriac’s vocals are as smooth as Tennessee whiskey: deep, delicate, and complement Proulx’s soft voice well. The lyrics are simple yet poetic, and express the story effortlessly using both English and French. If you’re looking to overthink another love interest, this song is right up your alley.

No official announcement of an upcoming album, but Men I Trust’s latest singles may be a hint at a new project.