New Music Mondays | 01.15.18

by WRBB Media Team

New Music Mondays | 01.15.18

New semester stressing you out? Sit back and relax with these new tracks. #NMM

‘Wildflowers’ – Nicolas Jaar

“The argument for Nicolas Jaar is complicated. His emergence into the mainstream was boosted by the release of 2016’s “Sirens,” a microhouse introspective into Jaar’s childhood and culture. Songs like “No” engaged elements of Latin American music, house music, and minimalist noise into something novel and fresh. His 2011 album “Space is Only Noise,” is an entirely different and much younger project, deeply rooted in ambient and experimental sounds. With the release of this new single, Jaar is bringing the crisp production from “Sirens” and combining it with his passion for ambient experimentation. As always, Jaar’s vocals are beautifully unrecognizable, pushing the song along its convoluted cacophony of droning and bubbling synths. It’s good to know that Jaar isn’t afraid to continue doing what he wants.” – Christian Triunfo

‘Scary Love’ – The Neighborhood

“Scary Love, The Neighborhood’s most recent single off of their new EP To Imagine released on January 12th, 2018 pulls away from the traditionally vulnerable angst that underlays distorted electric guitar and heavy bass, and rather replaces it with upbeat synth and more positive tones reminiscent of the 1980’s pop genre with an added edge. Though best known for the hit track Sweater Weather, a haunting yet relatively simple track, Scary Love exemplifies their ever evolving sound that frontman, Jessie Rutherford, so envisions. With a track record of experimental pieces from an underground, unreleased mixtape featuring G-Eazy, French Montana, and YG, to Wiped Out!, a happier take on their traditionally foreboding material, the Neighborhood’s new sound is something to keep an eye on.” – Paige Ardill

‘My, My, My!’ – Troye Sivan

“It’s been over two years since we’ve seen anything from the youtuber turned musician Troye Sivan. He made waves with his debut LP, Blue Neighbourhood, as he addressed the religious tension behind being a young, gay man. The album was largely themed by a minimalist style of pop that was very popular of 2015. Now with his new single, “My, My, My!,” Sivan steps into a more bombastic style of pop and its refreshingly, unapologetic. This transition of style is reminiscent of modern day Carly Rae Jepsen or Bleachers music. Lyrically, “My, My, My!” is about letting go and being with the person you love. It seems like an appropriate follow up to his debut as you can see Sivan growing up and taking his rightful place as one of the major LGBTQ icons today. In an interview with Zach Sang, Sivan speaks of this new single and more upcoming work as the most truthful to himself to date. If this single is any sign of what we will see in his 2018 sophomore album, it’s going to be a much bigger, fuller sound with lyrics that give us an insight into how the past two years have forced Sivan into growing as an artist.” – Emma Turney

‘Blue Glass’ – The Lonely Biscuits

“The Lonely Biscuits, with their garage band aesthetic and easygoing vibe have attracted fans from all over the US. Their newest single, ‘Blue Glass’, off their highly anticipated debut album “The Universe In You”, captures their sound, with its summery guitar riffs and cute chorus: “I saw my future there in the blue glass, you and me together in the green grass”. The first verse starts out quiet, but builds to the upbeat, sing-along chorus with the introduction of the simple-yet-effective drum beat, layered over lead singer Grady Wenrich’s distinct conversational vocals. The result is a summertime jam that should be blasted from your car while on the way to the beach.” – Samantha Koch

‘Become the Warm Jets’ – Current Joys

“With the release of music from Sufjan Stevens for the recent film, “Call Me by Your Name,” my emo playlists have been growing at a rapid rate and Current Joy’s “Become the Warm Jets,” has quickly added itself to the family. Current Joys is the side project of Nick Rattigan, a member of the Surf Curse. Originally, Rattigan’s side project was called ‘Tele/visions.’

Current Joys was rather quiet in 2017, releasing only a small EP which featured BOYO on half the songs. “Become the Warm Jets,” is the second single released by the side project so far this year, following up “Fears”. Current Joy’s “Become the Warm Jets,” begins intimately, with only a guitar and singer, Nick Rattigan’s vocals. The guitar is clear and rich, making it a strong base for the Rattigan to rest upon. While the guitar sustains one chord at a time, Rattigan’s vocals begin to unravel the story of a poignant memory stating, “Oh I can hear it when that old song starts to play / cutting through my body in a million ways.” The emotion behind the first lines uttered float the tune into a slow drum, as the soft drums lean themselves in. A listener can’t help but sway back and forth, consumed by the beat of the song. As “Become the Warm Jets,” enters its final moments of existence, Rattigan pauses after questioning “Is it me or is it you who came to see those warm jets swallow me?” After a moment of silence, the song slowly resumes as the keyboard trickles in, intensifying and then slowly fading away. The ending ominous chords seem to stop time, leaving the listener to transcended within the song’s landscape, absorbed by Rattigan’s feelings.” – Maya Dengel