New Music Mondays | 02.19.18

by WRBB Media Team

New Music Mondays | 02.19.18

We’ve got you covered this Monday with some of the newest tracks! #NMM

‘Thought Contagion‘ – Muse

“Although we don’t get much of Matt Bellamy’s wailing falsetto on “Thought Contagion”, we do get those classic heavy-hitting, booming Muse drums, and plenty of Bellamy’s intense vibrato. The song has dystopian, political themes (I mean, it is a Muse song!), which Bellamy explained were “probably [inspired by] watching American news stations.” It features sci-fi Theremin as well as arena-style background chants during the hook, accompanied by Bellamy’s softer version of his impressive high notes. Essentially, everything that makes a classic Muse song is here, just perhaps with the bombast dialed back a bit. This is a song for all the Muse fans out there, but also for a broader audience, since “Thought Contagion” is not Muse at their most insane.” – Clio Fleece

‘Catch It‘ – Iceage

“Returning after almost four years of no new content, Iceage drops a fantastic new single that has fans begging for more material. Catch It is a sinister slow burner with dissonant guitar chords, droning bass, and an anthemic chorus. Halfway through the track the tempo picks up and the song transforms into a chaotic frenzy that would undoubtedly incite a mosh-pit at a live show. The band has been heralded as the torchbearers of modern post-punk, and this track helps to further solidify that reputation. Along with the single, Iceage has announced they’ll be departing from their homeland of Denmark to embark on a U.S. tour run come May. Hopefully this sudden increase in activity is the foreshadowing of a new album. ” – Joey Molloy