New Music Mondays | 4.11.16

by WRBB Media Team

New Music Mondays | 4.11.16

It’s Monday but classes are coming to a close. And apparently summer is close enough to start posting those cringy baby holding up a fist “lets make it through finals” memes. Time to start weeding through the Insta-whining and Insta-worthy. So instead of wasting time making jokes nobody finds funny anymore, take a study break and look at some new music that actually has the power to make you pass. the time.

Happy music Monday, this week’s lit.

“Chapel” – Nicole Dollanganger

Pale white paper bones…is what it sounds like Nicole Dollanganger is made up of on this hauntingly fragile, “Chapel”. Though instrumentally very simple, Dollanganger phosphorescent and airy vocals soar over roughly strum and watered-down block chords. – Adam

“The Heart Of Me” – miikesnow

It’s been four years since their last album, but I must admit that Miike Snow’s recent album release “iii” is absolute fire. A personal favorite is “The Heart Of Me,” which is feel-good indie-electronica jam out song. It’s a refreshing taste of old school Miike Snow, when they first emerged in 2009, but it’s got bits and pieces of Tame Impala vibes and much more organic sounds. If you’ve got some time to test the waters with “iii,” I would highly recommend “I Feel The Weight,” which really brings in thought-provoking feels, and “Genghis Khan,” a catchy pump up song that you’ll want to dance and lip-sync to in front of the mirror when you’re alone in your room. no shame. – Juliette

“Kick The Habit” – Leggy

Leggy is a three piece from Ohio with a sound that’s somewhere between dream pop and surf punk. they keep releasing banger after banger & their latest song “kick the habit” might be their best one yet – very loud, very fast, very fierce. – Sammy

“Whitney” – Golden Days

Recently released track off of Whitney’s debut album Light Upon the Lake, coming June 3rd on Secretly Canadian, “golden days” perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic pinings for an old love, blending bluesy country guitar riffs with a bright, swinging horn section all held together by Julien Ehrlich’s expressive drumming and emotional, yearning vocals. With each new release, Whitney makes it increasingly clear that they should definitely be on your list of bands to watch in the coming months. – Kenneth

“BoRdErZ” – Zayn

Although diving fully into modern R&B is a bold choice, King Zayn’s new album Ming of Mine, honestly, could have been better. “BoRdErZ”, on the other hand, is something I can 100% jam to. It’s a grooving R&B tune about trying to find common ground with a lover with cool tones and a steady beat. I pick this song above all other because Zayn isn’t overly extra, like he is on most other tracks. With a range as large as his, it’s incredibly easy to overdo it; this song is the exception. This song oozes with late night chilled-out vibes and the sultry chorus is so smooth, I just love it. – Ashley

“Sleep Cycle” – Deakin

This is from Animal Collective member Deakin’s new album. It’s an acoustic song that recalls the early days of Animal Collective and manages to create lush psychedelia out of only guitar, voice, and subtle electronic beats. Relaxing, trippy, and soulful. – Seth

The Vibe – Motz feat. Scrufizzer

I know what your thinking, a Drake remix? I don’t need that mediocracy to start off my morning, but luckily, Motez is here with only the good vibes. – Travis