Q&A with Zolita post-performance at Boston Calling

by BellaJoli Gedeon

Q&A with Zolita post-performance at Boston Calling

Zolita, 28-year-old alternative pop artist, welcomed the Boston Calling crowd at the Blue Stage on May 26 with a heartwarming, yet energetic set. She recently released a single called “Grave” on May 31st in the midst of a tour opening for Bebe Rexha.

Bella Gedeon: What a show! It was truly magnificent.

Zolita: Thank you!

Bella: How does it feel to be back in Boston?

Zolita: So good. I love Boston so much. Every time I come here, I’m like, “Oh my God, why don't I spend more time in Boston?” It's so nice and I've been blessed with really good weather. Last time it was snowing, but this time it's so warm.

Q&A with Zolita post-performance at Boston Calling

Photos credits: Henry Shifrin

Bella: It has been really impressive to see the level of compelling stories within your music, especially about queer love. And also I noticed the creative directions that you've been taking in your music videos. 

Zolita: Yes!

Bella: And I saw that you recently released a music video for “Crazy Ex” as well as “Ashley” from [your album] Falling In / Falling Out. Do you have any favorite memories from when you were on set?

Zolita: I mean that whole entire series was so exciting to shoot because we shot it where my dad lives up north where there’s this town called Santa Inès. It feels like I’ve been visiting him there for so long, so I've made a lot of connections with the different people in the town. And so it was like such a family affair. We went and shot there because we got to shoot in all these local places and they were so kind to us and shooting crazy acts and like getting to dance, like doing peyote down at the bar was definitely an incredible memory.

Bella: That's awesome. And obviously you'll be touring again with Bebe Rexha. How do you like to spend your time before going on stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals or any post-show rituals that you like to do?

Zolita: I take a shot of tequila, for sure. I definitely feel like I take a little bit of a long time, like 20 minutes for a quiet period to go through the set in my head. And that’s kind of it and then I'll just kind of jump around to get my nerves out.

Bella: Great. Yeah, that’s cool that you get to decompress before shows because you know it’s good to have that space.

Zolita: You know there can be people around you all the time, so it’s good to ask for a bit of alone time sometimes.

Q&A with Zolita post-performance at Boston Calling
Q&A with Zolita post-performance at Boston Calling

Bella: Right! So, a new single is coming out called “Grave.” Later, this month on May 31st. Will you be performing it on tour?

Zolita: I will! I’m super stoked.

Bella: Had there been anything that inspired you when going into the songwriting process?

Zolita: I feel like I’m always inspired by stuff going on in my life, but also I'm inspired by like video ideas that I come up with or through the storylines and characters that I dream up. I'm inspired by their situations as well.

Bella: Yeah, you can definitely see the level of artistry you take with directing and editing. It’s really awesome. Lastly, it seems like your lyrical themes connect well with your fans. Is there anything that they can expect moving forward?

Zolita: Well, a new EP is going to be coming out in the fall. Yeah, so it's going to be a lot of fun new songs. In the last EP, I feel like I explored a lot about falling in love with my girlfriend. In this next EP, there are themes of being in the relationship and the stuff that comes out in that relationship too. It's not really talked about a lot. We hear about falling in love and we hear about breaking up, but we don’t hear about actually being in a queer relationship and the things that come up with that as well.

Bella: It was great seeing your set and I'm glad you had fun today!

Zolita: Thank you so much!