Steve Rondo takes the stage for round 2 at Brighton Music Hall

by BellaJoli Gedeon

Steve Rondo takes the stage for round 2 at Brighton Music Hall

Photo courtesy of Steve Rondo.

Steve Rondo took the stage at Brighton Music Hall for a second time with his band members on January 20. His show was filled with joy and camaraderie as he was able to share special moments with his fans. Throughout the show, he shared stories about what inspired the tracks of his own as well giving more fun, energetic covers of new and old tunes to the likes of The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and even Zach Bryan.

His songs from his first EP Fate Love the Fearless include heartfelt and nostalgic indie rock ballads, especially the song “Matches.” Rondo also performed a single called “Runaway” that his fans enjoyed singing along to. His choice of outfit of a burgundy jacket commemorating his grandfather as well as a t-shirt displaying his latest big accomplishments, namely his performance at Levitate Music and Arts Festival last year, added a personal touch to his stage presence.

Rondo and his band members – Richie Avera, Eric Donovan, Trevor Knowles, and Keeland Smithers – made that Saturday night one to remember. With their lively dances and awe-striking solos, they created an experience for fans to let their guard down and bask in the uplifting atmosphere. It isn’t a new thing for Rondo to keep the spirit of his music journey alive. That night, he shared that he and Aversa frequently performed along Cape Cod after graduating college.

“Tommy,” a song Steve Rondo wrote inspired by “Peaky Blinders” most definitely demonstrates the variety of his creative vision. “Keep Me Close” was another track on the setlist with an interesting backstory – it has elements inspired by The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris.” All in all, Steve Rondo certainly has a genuine connection with his fans, since there were smiles and laughter shared throughout his performance.