Tennis release EP ‘We Can Die Happy’

by Maya Dengel

Tennis release EP ‘We Can Die Happy’

We Can Die Happy – EP

Mutually Detrimental · November 10, 2017

Tennis release EP ‘We Can Die Happy’

Tennis’ tease for their new EP, We Can Die Happy, began with the launch of their most recent single, ‘I Miss That Feeling,’ which only left me aching for more new songs by husband-and-wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. We Can Die Happy follows shortly after the release of their fourth studio album, Yours Conditionally, which was released in March of this year.

The first track, ‘No Exit,’ introduces a combination of pairing a drum machine with the sound of a live kit. This layering of percussion helps to support Moore’s outer space-like chords that hold onto their notes, while the percussion becomes the driving force of the song. The track is light on its toes thanks to Moore’s ethereal voice, making it the perfect pop dance song on the album.

One of the standout tracks in terms of experimentation with new sound on the EP is ‘Diamond Ring,’ which features Moore talking about her recent marriage to fellow band member Riley. The song is the ideal beach tune, with a driving bass and hooky chorus. However, while I enjoyed this song, the reverb and echo on Moore’s vocal distracted from her poetic lyrics with lines like, “I’ve been looking at your diamond rings / And reflecting on the things they tell me / That they move too quick to misbehave / A dissenter cannot be a slave / I’m waiting on you to make my heart move.”

My personal favorite on the EP is still the lead single, ‘I Miss That Feeling,’ as Riley’s intricate guitar riff compliments Moore’s steady keyboard and bouncing vocals. The entrance of the drums on the track comes in at the perfect moment in the chorus, enriching its intensity. I especially enjoyed Moore’s vocals spinning off the end of the chorus in an echo. Tennis is clearly experimenting with their sound on this album, and it is executed quite well on this track.

Overall, We Can Die Happy showed that the band is testing out new sounds, launching the group towards a more dance-orientated sound. The record flashes before listeners, lasting under 20 minutes in length, and leaves them wanting more from the songwriting duo. The band will embark in early 2018 on their North American tour in support of their new project, and having seen the group live once before, this will be one show you won’t want to miss.

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