Vundabar, Sidney Gish and Future Teens take Allston by storm

by Kailey Williams

Vundabar, Sidney Gish and Future Teens take Allston by storm

with Sidney Gish and Future Teens

March 29, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club

Feelings of excitement and warmth seemed pervasive throughout the packed crowd at the Paradise Rock Club on Friday, March 29th. This was due in part to the warm early-spring air, as well as the audience’s love and support for the three local bands about to perform. Vundabar, Sidney Gish and Future Teens provided a compelling testament of Boston’s incredible musical talent. Their delightfully energetic and danceable tunes made for a fantastic night of live music.

Vundabar, Sidney Gish and Future Teens take Allston by storm

Sidney Gish. Photo by Kailey Williams for WRBB.

Future Teens opened their set with “In Love or Whatever,’ a lively song about dating and feeling pressure to find somebody, with lyrics like “Don’t want to be alone forever, I should fall in love or whatever.” This set the dynamic tone the band would carry for most of their set. “What’s My Sign Again?” was another hit, in which the singer describes an encounter with an ex where she said her belief in astrology was confirmed after learning the incompatibility of their zodiac signs. Their fun and spirited songs made for a great start to the evening.

Sidney Gish, a music industry major here at Northeastern, took the stage next. As a solo artist, she was able to captivate the crowd’s attention with her clever lyrics and danceable guitar riffs. The audience couldn’t help but smile and nod along to the relatable turns of phrase. In “Sin Triangle,” she sings, “Wearing shades when it’s dark out, but don’t you worry I’m just being cool, like everybody else around this school.”

Vundabar, headlining this sold-out show, entered the stage after much anticipation. The band is comprised of Brandon Hagen on vocals and guitar, Drew McDonald on drums and Grayson Kirtland on bass. Their consistently groovy rock tunes got the crowd jumping and dancing along. Fan favorites “Oulala” and “Alien Blues” filled the room with aggressively catchy lyrics and engaging guitar riffs. All in all, it was a great show, and a wonderful way to spend an evening: listening to talented local indie rock bands.

Photos by Ian Dobbins

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Photos by Kailey Williams

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