WRBB Podcast: Post4k Recap

by Andrew Goldberg

WRBB Podcast: Post4k Recap

As we come down from our Pitchfork Festival high, we invite listeners and readers alike to experience this open process with us! Curious who we loved and coulda left? We discuss it all in our podcast and leave some of our more creative categories to be explored below. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for photos from all of the sets we caught as well as some fun, ~exclusive~ content for your eyes and ears only!

Honorable Mentions:

Best Album-

I’m such a dang sucker for everything about Wildflower that I’m giving it this award even though the Avalanches didn’t end up being able to perform at the festival. It’s impossible to listen to that album and not be awe at the use of sampling but also how universally palatable the group is able to make such complex music. Go listen to this one all the way through again and tell me it isn’t everything you want from the act and Pitchfork festival itself. -Kara

I have to throw Hamilton Leithauser some love here. I Had A Dream That You Were Mine is my undisputed album of the year from 2016, and nothing else gets as close. Working with Rostam of Vampire Weekend, Leithauser was able to craft his own little world of 50s edge and Dylan-esque storytelling. Carefully and expertly curated, the raw energy of this work translated amazingly well to the stage, especially in a summer setting. With sunglasses and perpetual blazer, Leithauser and band solidified my thoughts and hopefully persuaded others. -Andrew

Outfits to Cop-

It was so amazing to bookend Sunday’s outfits with Kilo Kish’s impeccably tailored red suit and Solange & Co delivering their monochromatic orange look. The later is the master of the monochrome so I was in visual heaven at this pairing. Andrew and I are both suckers for workwear so Madame Gandhi’s backup singers took the cake with their neon yellow jumpsuits. I’m still trying to hunt down a pair so the two of us can channel this look. -Kara

I saw a couple different people wearing jumpsuits that weekend after the Madame Gandhi set, so to say it had an influence might be coincidence. Regardless, I think a lot of people took it as a cue to explore the style a bit more, and it honestly wouldn’t hurt. I also have to throw a bone to Angel Olsen’s band for rocking the bolo ties when no one else had the courage to. Job well done. -Andrew


I’m sorry but when every element comes together the way they did during Solange’s set you just have to ride the wave of WTF and let the artist take you on their journey. It’s a rare moment and definitely not one you find with one artist for so many people, especially in a crowd of such discerning tastes. But Solange brought that on the last night of Pitchfork in a way that was both incredibly casual and effortless but also cold, calculated, and an utter knockout. Catch me gushing about this set forever. -Kara

I know we’ve been gushing over Pinegrove all weekend, but since we had stayed for the duration of the set after the other photographers had left, we felt like it deserved a spot. Though a bit shorthanded in terms of their roster, the New Jersey natives came in full force to spark the smallest stage with the warmest of energy. Dynamic in lyricism and in presence, Pinegrove’s music is best served live and outdoors, making their set shine. -Andrew

Artist Encounters:

WRBB Podcast: Post4k Recap

Both WRBB and Weyes Blood enjoy Angel Olsen’s music


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