Barenaked Ladies release full-length ‘Fake Nudes’

    Barenaked Ladies Fake Nudes Raisin’ Records · November 17, 2017 The Barenaked Ladies strike back with some old and some new on Fake Nudes, their most recent album. These old white dudes know exactly what they’re doing — I’m just not quite sure what it is. Maybe they’re out to prove that they can be relevant, even […]

    Walk the Moon release full-length ‘What If Nothing’

    WALK THE MOON What If Nothing RCA Records · November 10, 2017 Walk The Moon: The only thing from Ohio to become a global sensation since the Wright Brothers took flight in 1903. If your ears are still bleeding from the band’s 2014 hit ‘Shut Up and Dance,’ you’re not alone. The hit reached 25 countries spanning […]

    The Mountain Goats @ House of Blues

    The Mountain Goats November 13, 2017 @ House of Blues By: Andrew Szendrey Two tickets to see the Mountain Goats? I’m in. But who should I take? “Do you want to go see The Mountain Goats with me?” “Who’s that?” …Every time. The concert starts at 7pm, 7:15 rolls around, and I still don’t have […]

    Wu-Tang Clan release full-length ‘The Saga Continues’

    Wu-Tang Clan The Saga Continues 36 Chambers, LLC · October 13, 2017 Wu-Tang drops a revival album to remind everyone that their simple, funky beats, smooth verse transitions, and stream of consciousness-style rap are still capable of addressing deeply rooted social and political divides. “2017… Another Wu-Saga” – ‘Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues Intro’ Wu-Tang never died. In fact, […]

    Third Eye Blind @ The Strand

    Third Eye Blind October 5th, 2017 @ The Strand (formerly Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel) By: Andrew Szendrey Third Eye Blind released their first album the year before I was born. Now I’m nineteen, and I just saw their twentieth anniversary concert. I didn’t belong, and I loved it. I’ve always been a casual Third Eye Blind listener. […]

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