Parquet Courts dozes off on Sympathy for Life

    Parquet Courts Sympathy for Life Rough Trade ยท October 22, 2021 Parquet Courts had a lot to live up to following their 2018 release Wide Awake!, which deftly wove together coarse vocals, funky basslines, fast guitars, and incredibly socially conscious lyrics to achieve a true indie rock/art punk triumph. With Sympathy for Life, they fell […]

    Indigo De Souza sees the future at Brighton Music Hall

    Indigo De Souza September 26, 2021 at Brighton Music Hall Packed with shimmering vape clouds, thick leather jackets, and an eclectic mishmash of piercings in every location known to man, the line to get into the Indigo De Souza concert at Brighton Music Hall was made up of the most concentrated collection of Doc Martens […]

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