Bad Suns @ Paradise Rock Club

    Bad Suns featuring QTY and HUNNY October 27, 2017 @ Paradise Rock Club By: Ashley Juliano What better way to kick off Halloweekend than seeing a band that exclusively releases bops? Bad Suns’ signature sound bounced off the walls of the Paradise Rock Club. On this headlining tour, the band was of the most confident […]

    LANY @ House of Blues

    LANY featuring Dagny October 11, 2017 @ House of Blues By: Ashley Juliano and Liam Morgan Photos By: Jason Crouse Following the release of her debut EP Ultraviolet just over a year ago, Norwegian pop princess Dagny opened the show with raging vocals, matching jumpsuits, and powerful mood lights. Starting with title track ‘Ultraviolet,’ then moving […]

    LANY @ The Royale

    LANY October 28th, 2016 at the Royale Nightclub By: Ashley Juliano I don’t know what it is, but everyone loves LANY. Maybe it’s their enchanting use of colors and aesthetic, maybe it’s their straight-from-the-digital-age lyrics, or maybe it’s their pure musical talents; LANY seems to be everywhere. Last time I saw them, at the Sinclair last […]

    Bad Suns @ Brighton Music Hall

    Bad Suns November 3rd, 2016 at Brighton Music Hall By: Ashley Juliano Ah, Brighton Music Hall, my arch nemesis. After losing my dignity and street cred there just a few months ago, only a handful of bands could bring me to enter that venue, but Bad Suns is definitely one of them. It’s always a […]

    The Mowgli’s and Colony House @ The Sinclair

    The Mowgli’s with Colony House and DREAMERS October 4th, 2016 at The Sinclair By: Ashley Juliano and Sam Serio On October 4th, The Sinclair hosted the Mowgli’s, Colony House, and DREAMERS. DREAMERS kicked off the night with a rock solid set, playing songs like “Never Too Late to Dance” and “Drugs”. Those who showed up […]

    LANY @ The Sinclair

    Wowowow we love LANY. We were NOT prepared for the live show we were about to witness last week at the Sinclair. Odessa, the opener for the night, is a glowing breath of fresh air. Her set lit the room up in a beautiful golden wave, playing songs from her debut self-titled album. The album is an accumulation of […]

    La Sera @ The Great Scott

    Great energy, great hair. We loved seeing La Sera last week at Great Scott. Boy, do we love local artist. Tom Freeman, front man of Berklee-based indie band Covey,opened the late night at Great Scott and got the good vibes rolling in the dimly lit bar. His enchanting vocals, that immediately reminded us of an alt […]

    Coasts @ Brighton Music Hall

    Last month we headed over to Brighton Music Hall for some great tunes and to catch up with Boots Copeland, front man of Knox Hamilton, as they accompany Symmetry opening up for UK alt/pop band Coasts! Imagine back in high school, sneaking out of your house at night to walk around your neighborhood with your friends, drinking your […]

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